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The New Moon @ 14°24′ Libra occurs on October 7th, 2010 @ 2:45 pm EDT; 6:45  pm UT.

Libra, as the 7th sign of the natural Zodiac, is the 1st sign that concerns itself with “other”. It is within Libra that we take our first steps in developing harmonic relationships and is the space in which we we seek compatibility through compromise while adjusting our boundaries accordingly to better suit our quest for right relationships.

By the time we have entered into Libra we have journeyed through the first 6 signs, Aries through Virgo, and have sought a greater knowledge of self while developing our individual attributes. The last 6 signs, Libra through Pisces, are the space in which we bring forth our best attributes of self while seeking to enrich our self-understandings through experiences that are external to us. In Libra we develop our comprehension of the “We” principle and eventually expand our comprehension to include the One Self by the time we complete our journey of the Zodiac at the end of Pisces.

With the annual Libra New Moon our focused intentions are upon the development of harmonic relationships and with Saturn in residence in the Sign of Partnerships this year we are urged to focus not only upon harmony yet also upon sustainability. Saturn, exalted within Libra, is challenging us to define our perceptions of right relationship and to align our actions to whatever ideal we find we resonate with. Saturn wants us to ‘walk our talk’ and to do so we must become clear on exactly what it is that our talk is espousing in very real terms and what very real measures are required of us to walk that talk.

Saturn is often referred to as the taskmaster. Our task while Saturn journeys though Libra is to bring our relationships into a proper structure through achieving a balance of two individual energies/entities that allows for the two previously individual energies to function harmonically as a 3rd energy/entity. This balancing and blending of 2 individual energies does not require either party to be sacrificing of their true nature but does require a willingness to allow one’s self and the other(s) to expand into this 3rd energy of union at your/their own pace and in whatever way is healthy and comfortable for you/them. (more…)


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Saturn returns to Libra on July 21st, 2010 and shall remain in Libra until October of 2012.

We had a sneak peek of what Saturn transiting Libra has in store for us when Saturn briefly visited this sign late October of 2009 until early April of this year. Libra is Saturn’s sign of exaltation and seeks to bring relationships into proper structure through the balancing of two forces/energies that allows for a harmonic existence and functioning of the two previously individual energies.

Libra is the 7th sign of the natural Zodiac and therefore is the 1st sign of relationship. The first 6 signs, Aries through Virgo, are the space in which we come to know and develop the Self. The last 6 signs, Libra through Pisces, are the space in which we come to know that which is ‘external’ to one’s Self and develop comprehension of the “We” principle and eventually expand into the One Self.

Saturn has occupied the first 6 signs of the natural zodiac since 1994 so this shift into the 7th sign of Libra is quite significant as we steer our focus from Self to Other. A wonderful treat for those of us that have worked and reworked ourselves these past many years and are craving new lessons and directions that are less self-involved.

Our first step into harmonic relationship occurs within Libra and is where we seek compatibility through compromise while adjusting our boundaries to better suit our quest for right relationship. For some this shall mean an establishing of better defined boundaries while others will look to soften overly rigid ‘rules of engagement’. 🙂 As we have had a few months previous to now of experiencing Saturn in Libra you likely have some idea as to which application applies for you though it is quite possible to be working both ends by shoring up some boundaries while relaxing others of any that are no longer serving you in a beneficial manner.


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Saturn, the teacher, turns retrograde on January 13th @ 4°39 Libra.

This retrograde cycle of Saturn is not only taking place in Libra but will also carry back into Virgo, when Saturn re-enters the sign of Virgo on April 7th, bringing to a close our lessons of a Virgo nature when Saturn stations direct @ 27°50 Virgo on May 30th.

These situations/experiences that we first encountered while Saturn was direct will now be focused inward for reflection offering an opportunity for greater understanding to take place and allowing us to make any necessary adjustments to our Saturn area of influence and functions before Saturn once again travels direct and crystallizes our new Saturn related directives.


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Saturn (boundaries) is now transiting Libra, the sign of relationship, balance and justice, and boundaries in relationship have become the hot topic of the season.

Boundaries and relationship go hand-in-hand and you just can’t have one without the other.

As Saturn transiting Libra is a collective influence, unless you plan to become a Hermit, this is an area everyone has to come to terms with these next 2+ years.

As I have stated previously in other articles I do not see boundaries as ever being about the other person.

Boundaries are always personal and solely about you.

When lacking healthy boundaries we are often inclined to acting out the victim archetype and playing the ‘blame game’ for we feel that everything that occurs in their life is the result of an others actions.

There is no happiness, joy, nor self-fulfillment within the state of victim-hood and it is not a pleasant place to be .

Victim-hood is the residence of stress, anxiety and anger.

Victim-hood harbors guilt, shame and self-disappointment within it’s walls.

Yet if you find yourself residing within victim-hood, you can make the choice to step out of those walls, and it really is much easier than you may believe.

I am a firm believer that, “No One or Thing can cause us harm nor control us in any manner unless we allow it to be so”.

This, is where boundaries come in.

When assisting clients in the area of boundary development I often offer a visualization that makes it quite easy to immediately start building boundaries in your life and enforcing them with others, even if you have previously struggled with understanding or utilizing boundaries and are currently feeling dis-empowered your relationships.


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Saturn is currently transiting Libra, bringing to center stage the issue of boundaries and balance, within relationships.

Some seem to be born with an understanding of what boundaries are, and utilize them with ease, throughout their lives.

Others, myself included, have had to work quite diligently to understand the meaning of boundaries and to utilize them in a manner that is non-projective.

Years past, I attended a Spiritual School of Healing for a time.

It was the philosophy of the founders of this school, that to become an effective conduit for healing for others, one must first heal, thyself.

When I entered this school, one of the issues that was constantly stressed to me during our self-work sessions, was BOUNDARIES.

Quite honestly, back then, I didn’t have any.

The word, meant nothing to me whatsoever, no matter how many times it was defined to me.

Yet others could see, even if I could not, that I was in desperate need of boundaries, and I am thankful for their daily enforcement of the necessity of developing boundaries for myself.

Many wise souls planted seeds with me back then, and while I did not have those seeds sprout until after my attendance period at this school, they did eventually come fully to flower, and I am so very thankful for those that cared enough about me, to badger me ceaselessly, on boundaries.

Setting boundaries really is about you, not, about any other.

I do not perceive boundaries as “walls or shields”, as I believe is quite a common perception in the collective.

If you truly have strong boundaries, and maintain them, there is never a need to deflect or prevent an energy of any nature from entering your space, nor is there a need to concern yourself with how another is utilizing their personal energy.

Boundaries are, a clean and concise definition, of your personal space.

They allow you to set within your energy patterns, what comes in, what goes out, and how you wish to utilize or bypass any energy incoming, regardless of if you should label it as “negative or positive, high or low”.

It simply does not matter,  for you yourself, through boundaries, determine the qualities of any energy within your space.

Keep your space tidy, and do not trespass the personal space of an other, and you shall master boundaries amazingly fast!

Following is an article I wrote a while ago, and I feel it is in context to developing and maintaining boundaries, and is an issue that tends to be overlooked, when doing depth work in the boundaries arena, for oneself.

If you are interested in developing better boundaries in your life, this article may be helpful to you, as there are many subjects that are not always easily identified as being directly connected to the area of boundaries, and I feel this is one of them.

If you have a lot of challenging aspects in your chart concerning relationships with others, or, if you are loaded up on Pisces, 12th house, or Neptune aspects, you too, should find this article of benefit. Service-oriented Virgo, this also could serve you.


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Saturn has only recently begun his transit of Libra, the sign of relationships, balance and justice, yet already it is quite apparent that some are being impacted quite intensely by Saturn making a conjunction to their natal Uranus, Neptune or Pluto taking residence in early Libra.

If you have the natal placement of any of these outer planets in early Libra, and Saturn is now conjunct your planet, or is applying to the conjunction, it would be beneficial to be aware that relationships are front and center for you, and this is your opportunity to redefine your relationships and update your ways of Being, within relationship.

Due to the movement of the outer planets being slower than our personal planets, they remain in each sign significantly longer, and are a generational influence. Because of this, large swaths of people are affected by transits to these planets all at the same time, and if the transit is by a slower moving planet such as Saturn, the duration of influence of the transit is of a longer term.

Those currently having transit Saturn conjunct one of their outer planets, are those born within the approx. dates listed below, along with which planet is being influenced:

Uranus in early Libra: October 1968-September 1970

Neptune in early Libra: October 1942-September 1946

Pluto in early Libra: November 1971-September 1975

Those born within these years are now having Saturn conjunct, or applying to the conjunction, of the outer planet listed with the corresponding dates.

If you were born slightly after any of these above dates, this Saturn transit will soon be upon one of your outer planets, so this information, also applies if you wish to preview how the impact of this transit of  Saturn through Libra may effect you.

First let’s take a closer look at the players in this event, to get an idea of what this transit of Saturn to the outer planets, is asking of us.



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