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SpiritLibrary.com has extended a generous invitation to join their list of featured authors and I am honored to have accepted the invitation.

For those unacquainted with Spirit Library, an excerpt concerning their site purpose taken from their About page:

“Spirit Library was born from a strong desire to make easily accessible in one website the wonderful abundance of inspiring and empowering messages available on the internet. We wanted to combine our passion for spirituality with our passion for technology to create a virtual library of messages updated each day to assist people in finding their personal Alignment and Well-Being. Spirit Library aims to be a way to inspire your thoughts to guide you to a more conscious creation of your life.”

A special thank you to the Editor of Spirit Library for her efforts in composing my author’s page and covering all the specifics that allow for my posts to be shared upon their site. Your efforts are greatly appreciated for it allowed me to accept your invitation with ease and I am thrilled to have been gifted this opportunity to share the materials of Into The Mystic with your substantial membership and visitor base. Bless you! 🙂


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Hearts know no divisions and miles do not exist between Souls.

A few years ago I was befriended by an incredibly interesting man whom was likely seen as an eccentric to many for he had a great love of all things mysterious.

Ron was born in the beginning of the 1940’s, and had seen much and done much,  definitely not one to sit back and let life pass him by.

“Free Speak”, was his name upon the internet in many forums and arena’s, and this choice suited him perfectly for it represented the journalist that he was and his firm belief of transparency in all things.

In his later years, he served as a mentor to many young gifted mystic’s helping them to make sense of the perceptions they had that are not often popular within the mass public.

He was available ceaselessly for those that had a need of him, so much so that I often felt he served others too much and should take more time for himself, yet that was not his way and he thrived in service to others.

Ron viewed many social atrocities in his life, yet I truly believe that although he saw the far less-then-perfect aspects, he hoped that by providing others with what he saw in this world without the illusions spun by mainstream press, we had a shot at making this reality a much a better place for all of it’s inhabitants.

His, was a purpose filled life, and I believe he knew that to be so.

FreeSpeak, you were loved by many, I am going to miss you dear man! You made me laugh on days I really needed to smile, and the compliments you paid me shall always be within my heart, you boosted my self-confidence when I really needed it.

I saw a most beautifully bright shooting star last eve..that would be your way of saying “hi”, would it not? 🙂

God speed, I hope you now get to see that which you could not while standing on this orb we call Earth.

I love you.

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Thanking your gentle spirit, for the gift’s of deeply soulful sounds that you imparted to us.

Your music continues to bring great pleasure into the hearts of many.

Though your CHANGE came earlier than any here on this plane would have wished, you were freed to be HAVING a PARTY whenever you so wish within the realms of eternal SUMMERTIME.

Say hello to CUPID, for those of us still WORKING on the CHAIN GANG, whilst the two of you are TWISTIN’ the NIGHT AWAY.

Happy Birthday Mr. Sam Cooke, You and your glorious creations are appreciated and loved ever still!

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I have had such an amazing day and I wanted to take a moment to share how much I value you.

I have felt so incredibly blessed to receive your lovely emails and comments, each written with so much heart and sincerity, it is just absolutely overwhelming at times, in a very good way!

We all are having some challenging times in this transitional period we are in, yet each time I feel exhausted or a bit bluesy, I receive another beautiful email or comment from one of you, opening my heart and lifting my spirit. 🙂

Thank you, your generosity of words and heart is beyond measure and I so appreciate each and every one of you.

You bring a lightness to my soul and brighten my days!

Love, Kachina

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Even though I was but 7 years old, I knew that day in August of 1977 something really big had occurred, as I listened to my mother sobbing and felt such incredible sorrow that it left not only our home in silence, but the hearts and homes of so many all around this world.

I also can still clearly hear my mothers voice as she would croon the tunes of The King as she went about her daily duties as the cabinet style record player dropped his many recordings one after another onto the spinning turntable.

My mother loved Elvis dearly, with all of her Soul, and though I have not had the best relationship with my mother, I have very pleasant memories of when she was at peace and happy,surrounded by the notes flowing forth from the albums of her beloved King.


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Thank You, Elsa P! :)

Astrologer and Author, Elsa Panizzon, creator of ElsaElsa.com and  AstroDispatch, extended her kind selflessness to me this past Autumn when she added me onto her list of astrologers and writers contributing to AstroDispatch.

Thanks to Elsa, I have received exposure to my site, that I likely would not have aquired for quite a while longer without her assistance.

If you are not familiar with ElsaElsa, I recommend stopping in for a visit.

Elsa offers a wealth of information daily and her archives are absolutely overflowing!

Also in the offering, is an astrological board that allows for the community at ElsaElsa to share their daily life experiences and explore their world in context to astrology.

On a personal note to Elsa:

I am immensely appreciative of not only the opportunity you have gifted to me through AstroDispatch, but also for the open manner in which you share daily your knowledge acquired through many years in service to others.

I have learned, and am continuing to learn, much from your sharing.

Thank you Elsa for your daily efforts in all that you do at ElsaElsa and AstroDispatch, you are one amazing Lady!

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Author and Astrologer, Donna Cunningham, has gifted me with the honor of guest blogger, on her site:  Sky Writer.

I am elated to be acknowledged in this manner by Donna whom has served so many with a genuine devotion to assisting the well-being of others.

I have admired Donna Cunningham’s work for quite some time, and she has been an inspiration for me many times when my journey was difficult.

I will honestly admit that when she extended the invite for guest blogger, I was like a little kid that just found out they are going to Disneyland, dancing gleefully around my kitchen and high-fiving my dog. 🙂

Thank you, Donna, I am deeply honored..you most definitely made my day!

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