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© 3-30-2011 Kachina Houska in2themystics.com

The New Moon @ 13°30′ Aries occurs on April 3, 2011 at 10:33 am EST.

This lunation offers the potential for extraordinary manifestations coming forth and is most certainly NOT a passive Moon. Passionate, assertive, driven and optimistic, the vibe of this Moon is that of the full-on vitality of youth bursting with maxed out hormones and a devil-may-care attitude. This energy is awesomely sexual. Tension and temptation are present here yet so is the possibility of finding release from oppressive situations and sinking one’s proverbial teeth into an apple so amazingly sweet it is worth all the will-power and self-control one may have to exert to obtain what is prized.

Breakthroughs, breakouts, breakups, breakdowns and maybe a “Oh sh*t.. HIT the BRAKES!!” are all in the realm of possibilities the next weeks as this New Moon energy unfolds. Aiming for one’s ambitions with the expectation of having to deal with a few shots gone awry is probably in order as well as being prepared to deflect/duck any stray shots of others that might breach your personal space.  Everyone is going to be feeling driven to promote their self-identity in some way so demonstrating tolerance as much as is possible will go a long way in keeping the peace between one’s self and others. Of course, if another is manifesting these energies in a violent or otherwise dangerous manner discernment should replace tolerance and do whatever you need to do remove yourself from the situation. (more…)


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© 3-23-2011 Kachina Houska in2themystics.com

Mercury turns retrograde on March 30th @ 25° Aries with direct station occurring April 22nd @ 13° Aries. The current phase of retrograde comes to closure on May 11th when Mercury clears the shadow of retrograde.

Representative of our thinking aptitudes and perceptions, Mercury rules all forms of  communications, methods of transport and commerce. During retrograde periods glitches can occur within communication systems, modes of transport and commerce related dealings that require us to slow down and reassess our approaches and choices.

On a personal level cognitive skills are often challenged and making decisions generally requires extra patience and time. While MercuryRx periods are generally not considered favorable for making contractual agreements or committing oneself to new projects for anything begun from scratch during this time often needs to be reworked later or just doesn’t get off the ground at all. This period is conducive to putting efforts into ongoing projects through a whole slew of “RE-words” such as:  reorganize, reedit, renegotiate, re-navigate, reformulate, reconsider, redefine, reprocess, reinstall etc, etc.

When faced with retrograde related snafu’s sometimes the best choice is to just release and relax until the “roadblocks” clear! (more…)

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Mercury turns retrograde @ 19° Virgo on August 20th with direct station occurring at 5° Virgo on September 13th. Mercury will exit the shadow of retrograde on September 28th bringing conclusion to the retrograde period.

This is the 3rd Mercury retrograde occurring within an Earth sign, the previous 2 were within Capricorn and Taurus, and we are continuing to adjust our perceptions and communications to align with the physical and material world. Within Virgo the focus is upon health, everyday routines and effective communication. With Virgo recently being reworked by Saturn this retrograde will assist in tidying up loose ends and bringing clarity to what Saturn in Virgo initiated us to on an individual level. (more…)

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Mercury turns direct at 2°40′ Taurus on May 11th, 2010 and once again traverses 2°-13° Taurus where we have been receiving varied information and insights during the retrograde phase. We now consolidate that which we have observed and put considerations to and begin to move toward externally expression of our revised situations. Mercury exits the shadow period on May 28th and by that point we will have brought stability to various area’s in our lives in preparation for undertaking new initiatives during this summer’s Cardinal influence that should prove to be quite dynamic!

In my previous post on Mercury Retrograde in Taurus , I shared how I viewed this retrograde phase as bringing us to clarity on that which we value and how we needed to go about securing a treasure(s) that we hold in high regard by placing our energy where it would bring the best possible outcome desired. With the Scorpio-Taurus Full Moon occurring during this retrograde, many of us found it necessary to make adjustments that would allow us to proceed to claiming that which we value. These adjustments included a letting go of any situations/endeavors that were not producing favorable results in regards as to the amount of energy we were expending in these situations/endeavors.


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Yes, it is that time again. 🙂

Mercury has turned retrograde at 13° Taurus on April 18th, 2010 and will retrace back to 2° Taurus where direct station will occur on May 11th.

These next 3 weeks offer an opportunity to review and reevaluate that which has taken place in our lives during the approximate time frame of April 4th-April 17th when Mercury first traversed these degrees of Taurus in direct motion.

During the forward motion of Mercury through the early degrees of Taurus we have had constant aspects between Mercury and the following bodies: Venus, Mars and Pluto. We have also had considerable contact between Mercury and these bodies: Saturn, Neptune and Chiron.

A lot going on here in a the space of a few short weeks!


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We have just had a whole stream of shifting energies this past week as Mercury has now stationed direct, Saturn has turned retrograde and we have had our much anticipated Capricorn Solar Eclipse occur.

Tomorrow sees Jupiter’s ingress into Pisces, and for the better part of the next two weeks, we have the square between Saturn and Pluto applying exact.

So how are you doing?

I have been feeling a mixed bag the past 2 days, lot’s of upper back/chest soreness and high-heart/thymus chakra related clearings. Yesterday all of the energy releasing physically made for a true Tum’s-as-candy kind of day. 😉

All of that physical clearing is well worth it though, for the lightest energies are all around, and it feels as if we can finally breathe again without feeling as if a boa constrictor has taken the place of our bra’s. {{if you are female anyway..laughing}}

I have also had the most delightful cool breezes of Spirit presence lingering and I love the closeness of presence and support coming in.

While no one visiting has much to say at the moment, there is a tangible happiness to their energies, and an “All is Quite Well” tone.

I have a few things to catch up on this weekend, so am not sure as to when I will be posting new material, yet if you have missed the posts on Jupiter entering Pisces and Saturn turning retrograde, you can catch up on them here> Saturn Retrograde January 13th and Jupiter enters Pisces January 17th

Also, lot’s of energies are being released and are moving about right now due to all of these shifts, so if you find yourself particularly sensitive to these energies moving within the collective, you may wish to consider these articles if you have not already read them: Simple Technique for Flowing External Energies and Simple Technique for Releasing and Transmuting Energies

A lovely weekend to All, share your experiences if you wish. 🙂

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Whew! This Mercury retrograde was quite a whopper for me!

I’ve been noting many others sharing that sentiment, and undeniably, we have a lot occurring around this retrograde making it a little more difficult to try to isolate what was effecting what and in what manner.

I have had days these past weeks that putting together a sentence was more effort than it was worth leaving me exhausted for hours after (and no, sadly that is not an exaggeration).

Too, my conversations have really been out in left-field, even my Merc-Jup-Uranus stellium has been a little surprised by the stuff coming forth from my mouth.

I was talking to a friend yesterday, and out of the blue while I am giving him the rundown on his current transits, I interject with, “I need to go swimsuit shopping”, and then proceed to tell him all about it, whatever it was that I was prattling on about concerning swimsuit shopping, for I am not even certain what I said.

Maybe I was channeling Elle MacPherson {{laughs}}, hey it’s a possibility she’s been on my mind quite a bit lately and I have no idea why, afterall, my brain is amped out on retro of late.

Whatever it was all about, it worked for him though{{big smile}} for he readily offered to go swim suit shopping with me.

Men are visual creatures, and that is a good thing in this case, for I am not certain what all I said in that conversation, and just in case he picked up on Elle, well let’s just say he is going to have to spin a really good projection my way to be seeing that.

At 40, I don’t mind nearly as much as when I was younger, as long as I benefit in a way that pleases me, it’s all good, right?{{HUGE grins}}

Too, after sharing this conversation I had with one male friend with another male in my life, I received a hearty second offer of companionship for my swimsuit shopping excursion. 😉

Now that I’ve digressed, and confessed, my personal stuff again for the zillionth time this year so far…back to my attempt at talking Mercury Retro.


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