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The Pisces Full Moon occurs on August 24th, 2010 at 1°26′ Pisces-Virgo @ 1:04 pm EST, 5:04 pm UT.

With the Pisces Full Moon we are offered the opportunity to surrender that which ails us by allowing our ailments and hurts to be washed away and dissolved within the depths of the Piscean oceans.

Within the specifics for this event we find Mercury within his home sign and retrograde in Virgo as the ruler of the Sun while Neptune, the ruler of the Moon degree, is also closely conjunct the Moon and Chiron. Though Mercury does not aspect this lunation we should not overlook this particular for it may very well signify that the healing and purification we are seeking cannot be found through our attempting to use analytic approaches in identifying our ailment.

The Sun, in opposition to the Moon, Neptune and Chiron seeks to bring us to an awareness that we do have an ailment of some sort yet that has been causing us pain in some form and though it may appear to be only related to the emotional, mental, physical or spiritual body that is merely an illusion for a wound in any one body reflects through all bodies. Too, from this perspective of inter-relatedness we can view the Chiron-Neptune conjunction as being symbolic of how the wounds of one are the wounds of the collective. Maybe we find within this connection the reason our ailment eludes us is due to our being unable to correlate a personal event to pain that we are carrying. The best healing remedy may now be in the realization and acceptance that the solution is beyond our ordinary means of comprehension and that we must now surrender our ills to a Higher Power with full faith and trust that the remedy that shall be applied will be exactly what is needed and shall come forth from avenues that may require us to allow that which is greater than ourselves to steer us through this passage. (more…)


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Mercury turns retrograde @ 19° Virgo on August 20th with direct station occurring at 5° Virgo on September 13th. Mercury will exit the shadow of retrograde on September 28th bringing conclusion to the retrograde period.

This is the 3rd Mercury retrograde occurring within an Earth sign, the previous 2 were within Capricorn and Taurus, and we are continuing to adjust our perceptions and communications to align with the physical and material world. Within Virgo the focus is upon health, everyday routines and effective communication. With Virgo recently being reworked by Saturn this retrograde will assist in tidying up loose ends and bringing clarity to what Saturn in Virgo initiated us to on an individual level. (more…)

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Uranus has reentered Pisces in retrograde motion and will continue retracing Piscean ground in reverse motion until direct station occurs on December 5th, 2010 @ 26°40′ Pisces. Between now and the beginning of December we will be reevaluating that which we first experienced this past spring from late March through late May.

As of direct motion on December 5th we will be ready to integrate and finalize anything yet needing to be attended over the winter months. Come March 11th of 2011, we will be graduating from our Pisces-Uranus cycle, which will not be reoccurring for most of us in this lifetime for the next cycle will not occur for another 84 years.

With this reentry of Pisces by Uranus we once again have mutual reception occurring between Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius. The mutual reception of these two planets over the past 7 years has catalyzed awakenings for many that has brought about necessary completions to many area’s of life to allow for a new direction and way of Being to occur. (more…)

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The New Moon @ 17°25′  Leo occurs on August 9th, 2010 at 11:09 pm EST and on August 10th at 3:09 am UT.

Leo as the fifth sign of the zodiac is the space of all things personally pleasurable. By the time we enter Leo we have brought forth a new individual form(aries), added the stability necessary to sustain this form in the physical world(taurus), explored our capacity for communication and learning(gemini) and found security within our home/tribe/family(cancer).

After attending our most basic survival needs we come to Leo with the desire to enrich our existence by adding experiences that satisfy our needs for self-demonstration and pure pleasure. Here we strive through creative forms to shine as an individual in some manner.

Leo is a heart-centered energy and is therefore related to our children(literal and figurative), our romantic liaisons and all things that open our hearts and bring us great satisfaction; these are the situations and people that ignite our essence and fuel our desires to be the most honorable and loving that we can possibly be.


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