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Tomorrow, Uranus goes direct at 23º Pisces, after retracing the ground covered between 23-27° Pisces,  first transited while Uranus was  last in direct motion.

Uranus first traveled 23-27° Pisces, between Mid-March and July of this year past, bringing us new experiences in area’s specific to the function of Uranus, within our personal lives.

If you know your natal chart, look to the house in which Uranus is transiting, and aspects to other planets/points made while transiting these specific degrees in Pisces, for an idea of how Uranus going direct may manifest for you.

Uranus first went retrograde after transiting these Pisces degrees, on July 1st.

At the time of entering retrograde, situations arising and projects begun while Uranus was direct through these specific degrees from Mid-March until July, were then focused internally, availing us to finding a deeper understanding of our situations, and to also adjust anything that was in need of reworking, in preparation for manifestation or scrapping completely, when Uranus goes into direct motion and again covers the 23-27° degrees in Pisces, for the last time for the next 84 years.

As of tomorrow, all Uranian functions within our life, will once again begin to rev up, and the green light is on, all systems GO!

During a planets retrograde phase, it is common to feel as if what was started while the planet was direct, has taken a back seat, or has been ‘lost’ altogether.

While somethings may be scrapped, usually much comes forward once again, after the retrograde period ends, and is ready to be acted upon for ‘completion’, in some form.

Consider these keywords and functions of Uranus and Pisces, for insight into how this may play out for you.

Reflect upon what was happening in your life, last March until July, to give you a better picture of what you may have coming forth now.

Uranus Functions:

  • Sudden Change, Rebellion, Higher Intellect, Independence, Unexpected, Awakening, Disruption

Uranus Governs:

  • Inventions, Originality, The Occult, Electronic Music, Computer Technology, Astrology, Science

Pisces Functions:

  • Adaptability, Intuitive, Devoted, Compassionate, Escapist, Imaginative, Over-Sensitive

Pisces Governs:

  • Spirituality, the Unconscious, Mysticism, the Unknown

Be ready for sudden changes to occur these next weeks, and expect, the unexpected!

Uranus is now in his end stages of transiting Pisces, wrapping up 7 years within this sign, so it is likely these next months, will be especially significant in the lives of everyone, with new directions appearing out of the blue where ever transiting Uranus has been touching your life.

I personally, am quite excited!

I like action and surprises, and have been feeling like all was one big stop sign, for some time now.

A side note:

We now will have ALL planets in direct motion, until Mars and Mercury retrograde later in December.

This is a huge opportunity for ACTION.

Lot’s of energy to support forward movement in whatever area’s have felt stalled for you these past months since July.

Be brave, trust Your Self, and be ready, to ACT! 🙂


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A quick note to any that may be interested:

A new addition has been placed in Conscious Development.

Being ‘PRO’ as opposed to ‘Anti’: Taking Responsibility for the Utilization of Your Energy

Enjoy! kachina

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For one moment, could you entertain that Fear, is not an emotion, but an entity separate unto Yourself?

If you envision Fear, standing by your side, as a separate Form, would you choose to allow Fear to stay for dinner, or would you show Fear the door?

If you showed Fear the door, who could you Be today?

What dreams, have you hesitated acting upon, that could now be your Reality?

Do you Choose, to continue to entertain a houseguest, that shows no respect unto you and does not serve you, or do you show him the Door?

It is your Choice.

What would you loose , but Fear, Itself?

May You be Courageous and Blessed this day, and all days~kachina

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I have had a few ask me lately, how this feels, to have kundalini activated.

I have some inquire as to what is the purpose, of kundalini.

I’ve also had others ask of me, if they should suddenly have kundalini activate, would they also have “this, this, or that” occur, same as I.

I can only speak upon my personal experience, what this is like for myself, for I know somehow, that this is a very individual experience.

What another individual may, or may not experience, and in what sequence or duration, I am unable to surmise.

Anything I share concerning Kundalini is done so from this basis.

I am certain there are similar threads within individual experiences, yet am just as certain you may have certain markers/symptoms and not have a full kundalini experience follow immediately.

I say this, for I do know a few that have kundalini awaken, then go dormant quickly.

As of yet, I do not personally know another that has experienced kundalini to the degree that I have, though I do believe there are many others out there that have/are experiencing it to this degree.

I know there are websites and chat rooms, where others that feel, or actually are, having kundalini experience, share their experiences.

A few years past, I perused some of these sites, and didn’t feel a fit for myself at the one’s I visited.

I felt that at many of the sites, there was a lot of fear, of kundalini and the process that it is.

A lot of focus, on the “what could go wrongs”.

This just doesn’t work for me..focusing on the what if’s.

This is not to say I don’t experience moments of anxiousness, for I do.

Yet I do not fear this process, my philosophy is one that I experience, and receive, that which is right for myself, in exactly the perfect time for it to occur.

Everything, absolutely every moment, is a larger process.

Ever evolving and building upon itself.


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I just spent a bit of time browsing around the web.

And I have to say, it is like weaving through a derailed train that has flung all of the baggage willy-nilly over a huge radius.

Almost no point in trying to collect and sort any of it though, for there are more trains that have yet to reach this location, and they are on the way.

I’m not trying to sound gloomy here; I actually sit back and take in a bit of it all with a slight amusement.

What else can you really do?

My motto is a bit like, “when the going gets tough, the tough crack jokes”.

In this walk, as far as I am concerned, a sense of humor is mandatory.

Oh, I feel the pain of it all, there is no escaping that.

I have my own personal stuff to deal with, and I’m an empath, so I get to feel everyone else’s too.

Yet, I am not keen to sitting in pain of any sort, so I flip it up, and I find the humor, and let me tell you, no matter how bleak it looks or feels, there is always something humorous somewhere to be found.

My personal train is still on the tracks.

I intend to keep it that way. Have a lot of derailments occurring all around me, but I am weaving through.

I personally have had enough of my fair share of derailments in my personal life, and there is no way I am turning over my conductor’s hat to anyone else.

I am going to steer this train, for ‘better or worse’.


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I was reminded of this piece I wrote a while ago, in a conversation with a friend yesterday. 🙂

Thought I’d share..as this piece, once again, has become relevant in my life.

Coffee, Tea & Me..A True Love Story

Wishes for a Lovely Sunday All!

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This past week, I have come to the certainty, that I am once again experiencing the rise of Kundalini.

My writing has taken a backseat this week, out of my current necessity to ground out this intense energy as it moves closer daily towards my crown.

I awoke today and found that I did want to write today,  not about healing or astrology advice for others, but about what this is like, the experience of Kundalini aroused.

I debated for a moment with myself over this, for I claim no authority in this area and I do not wish to represent that I do.

Yet, this has been a part of my life since 2002 when I had my first round with Kundalini.

Frankly, there is not much information accessible concerning Kundalini.

From my own experiences I believe this to be due to the likelihood that when one is in this experience, it is very difficult to bring into the human language ‘what this IS’.

After completion through the crown, you are left with much to assimilate and integrate. It is then possible to relate to others that which you acquired during your experience, yet, the essence of the experience is lessened.

So, I may attempt to share here a bit through my posts, of my daily experience, what it is like, as this particular episode unfolds.

My last experience in 2007 lasted in full peak experience for nearly 6 months.

This time, I have personal insights that lead me to believe this will be a much more grounded experience than mine was in 2007, and likely to be of shorter duration.

Though, I suppose I’ll just have to wait and see! 🙂

I have a little snippet to share, just something small, that is not directly about my current experience, yet for some reason unknown to myself, I wished to share this first, before I begin with blogging anything else of this experience of mine here.


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