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The Sun is preparing to join the current T-square of Saturn, Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter and on June 15th until June 30th we will be experiencing our next Grand Cross of the 2010 season.

Mercury is moving quickly now and will join the Grand Cross a few days after it forms. During the Grand Cross formation, the Sun and Mercury will have their Superior Conjunction, an important aspect in relation to the previous Mercury retrograde period.

This 2 week period also contains other significant events with the Summer Solstice arriving on June 21st and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on June 26th.

These coming weeks are sizzling with energy and many will be feeling pressured to make adjustments and new choices in many different life area’s. Late mutable and early cardinal placements are feeling this most intensely; as has been true for some time now.

This post is a closer examination of the Grand Cross itself and notes important dates of this period as well as when the Moon will jazz it up even more. The Solstice, upcoming Capricorn Eclipse and Superior conjunction of the Sun and Mercury will be further expanded upon in later posts over the next week.



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We’re right on top of a phenomenal period and what I am seeing in these charts is exhilarating! I am jazzed and wishing to share my excitement, so here is how I am viewing this 2 day period of energies, as Jupiter carries us more fully into Aries and we embark on a whole new groove!

**A special thanks to Matt, a visitor at AstroDispatch, for sharing insights concerning the Moon’s involvement with Uranus-Jupiter this weekend in a comment upon my last astro post! 🙂

Event Dates and Times

Sunday June 6th, 2010 @ 5:49 am UT, 1:49 am EST and 10:49 pm PST (on June 5th)

The Moon in Pisces joins Jupiter at 29° 59′ Pisces then promptly enters Aries and joins Uranus 29 minutes later @ 0° 15′ Aries.

Sunday June 6th, 2010 @ 6:28 am UT, 2:28 am EST and 11:28 am PST (June 5th)

Jupiter Aries Ingress occurs and the Moon, Uranus and Jupiter will all be occupying the same degree of the Aries Point!

Tuesday June 8th, 2010 @ 11:27 am UT, 7:27 am EST and 4:27 am PST

Jupiter and Uranus apply to the exact conjunction @ 0° 17′ Aries

Following is an interpretation for both the meet of the Moon, Uranus and Jupiter on the 6th of June and the Jupiter-Aries exact conjunction on the 8th of June.


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Uranus enters Aries today and will be joined by Jupiter on June 7th heralding the much anticipated Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at Aries Point. On August 15th, Uranus shall slide back into Pisces in retrograde motion and retrograde Jupiter follows suit a few weeks later on September 10th. Uranus will reenter Aries on  March 12th, 2011 and remain in the Sign of the Ram until 2018.  When Uranus reenters next March, Jupiter will already have traveled the first 10° of Aries due to having a shorter retrograde duration than Uranus so therefore we will be receiving the max impact of these two planets conjoined during the upcoming weeks.

I am going to offer something a little different today in this post then what I normally do and just bounce right through with zero format or proofing and lay it out as I work my way through sifting info I have been receiving and sorting it into the ‘this-that-and-the other’ as it comes to me. I like having someone to ‘bounce with’ at times yet today it is just me, myself and I so I am going to do it right here on site as if I am bouncing with you(?). 🙂  If you don’t mind a little intuitive analysis thrown in, a bit of story telling and a lengthier post then please continue on and I hope you find something of value!


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For those that work with manifestation through conscious intention this is a very important week.

We have the New Moon in Pisces on 3/15/10 which is the “New Moon before Birth”, as it is the last New Moon before the Sun’s ingress of Aries/Spring Equinox, therefore lends special significance especially in a year of so many shifts in energies.

The Vernal/Spring Equinox occurs with the Sun’s ingress of Aries on 3/20/10 and with the tremendous Cardinal Energies this year I feel the intentions set upon Equinox shall set the stage in a huge way for what we have forthcoming with the Cardinal T-Squares and Crosses.

Due to each subsequent event building upon the last I am sharing a few quick insights for those, that while accustomed to working with energy and conscious intention, are now finding themselves frustrated and feeling as if they have lost their manifestation mo-jo.

The energies we are now within are significantly different than what we were accustomed to in the past.

There have been numerous large shifts and this will continue to occur with a greater magnitude and strengthen for some time.

Maybe what I have to share will joggle something for you. 🙂


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In a previous post:  The Concepts of Energy Working, Transmutation and Release Work of Negative Imprints and… I introduced how negative messages/energy imprints can function as blockages preventing us from achieving our full potential and success in life.

This is the second installment in a series of articles that I am sharing to assist those that have difficulty taking leaps of faith and accepting opportunities in a timely fashion that could lead them on a path to fulfilling their desires of personal success.

Astrologically we are approaching a time of very dynamic energies that shall offer productive opportunities for those that have the courage to utilize these energies and opportunities in a timely fashion.

These forthcoming transits are of special interest to those with planets/angles in the late mutable and early cardinal signs for they have been intensely impacted by the Saturn square Pluto transit and much of their personal world has been deconstructed in preparation for new growth, expression and function to come forth.

If you have been doing self-work in the area’s related to self-esteem, trust and/or change and have yet to achieve your desired results then what I am presenting here may be what you need to shine some light on issues that you may have not yet seen as possibilities as to why you find it difficult to accept changes with ease.

This article expands upon negative imprints that were received via messages in childhood that can hamper our achieving success in our adult years.


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Early in life we are subjected to an abundance of messages within our environment that color our perceptions of our world.

Messages can take many forms and are not just shared through verbal communication, such as messages received and recorded, during our visual observance of the actions of others within our lives.

These messages we were subjected to during our formative years directly influence the manner in which we behave and interact with the world for the duration of our adulthood.

Some messages from our childhood serve us well in our later years, while others act as blockages, preventing us from reaching our full potential.

For individuals that were subjected to a high ratio of negative messages in their formative years and early adulthood it can be a long and difficult road to achieving personal well-being and success.


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I just spent a bit of time browsing around the web.

And I have to say, it is like weaving through a derailed train that has flung all of the baggage willy-nilly over a huge radius.

Almost no point in trying to collect and sort any of it though, for there are more trains that have yet to reach this location, and they are on the way.

I’m not trying to sound gloomy here; I actually sit back and take in a bit of it all with a slight amusement.

What else can you really do?

My motto is a bit like, “when the going gets tough, the tough crack jokes”.

In this walk, as far as I am concerned, a sense of humor is mandatory.

Oh, I feel the pain of it all, there is no escaping that.

I have my own personal stuff to deal with, and I’m an empath, so I get to feel everyone else’s too.

Yet, I am not keen to sitting in pain of any sort, so I flip it up, and I find the humor, and let me tell you, no matter how bleak it looks or feels, there is always something humorous somewhere to be found.

My personal train is still on the tracks.

I intend to keep it that way. Have a lot of derailments occurring all around me, but I am weaving through.

I personally have had enough of my fair share of derailments in my personal life, and there is no way I am turning over my conductor’s hat to anyone else.

I am going to steer this train, for ‘better or worse’.


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