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The Full Moon in Aries on October 22nd @ 9:36 pm EDT, October 23rd @ 1:36 am UT at 29°33 Aries/Libra is the second of two Full Moons to occur consecutively within Aries and therefore is a Blue Moon provided one allows for (and I do!) an alternative qualification of a Blue Moon as being two like lunations occurring within the same zodiac sign consecutively in addition to the widely accepted definition of two like lunations occurring within a single calendar month.

This Full Moon @ 30° Aries begins a series of 5 consecutive Full Moons that occur on the last degree of their respective signs. Seen as a degree of transition, the 29th degree represents the end of the matter in relation to the concerns of said sign. When we arrive at this point it is a time of culminating the wisdom and beneficial works from said sign while eliminating anything that is non-beneficial and cannot be carried forward into the next sign for further development. There are often last minute efforts to “complete” something and occasional leaps of faith when one feels a situation is just under the closing bell. (more…)


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The New Moon @ 14°24′ Libra occurs on October 7th, 2010 @ 2:45 pm EDT; 6:45  pm UT.

Libra, as the 7th sign of the natural Zodiac, is the 1st sign that concerns itself with “other”. It is within Libra that we take our first steps in developing harmonic relationships and is the space in which we we seek compatibility through compromise while adjusting our boundaries accordingly to better suit our quest for right relationships.

By the time we have entered into Libra we have journeyed through the first 6 signs, Aries through Virgo, and have sought a greater knowledge of self while developing our individual attributes. The last 6 signs, Libra through Pisces, are the space in which we bring forth our best attributes of self while seeking to enrich our self-understandings through experiences that are external to us. In Libra we develop our comprehension of the “We” principle and eventually expand our comprehension to include the One Self by the time we complete our journey of the Zodiac at the end of Pisces.

With the annual Libra New Moon our focused intentions are upon the development of harmonic relationships and with Saturn in residence in the Sign of Partnerships this year we are urged to focus not only upon harmony yet also upon sustainability. Saturn, exalted within Libra, is challenging us to define our perceptions of right relationship and to align our actions to whatever ideal we find we resonate with. Saturn wants us to ‘walk our talk’ and to do so we must become clear on exactly what it is that our talk is espousing in very real terms and what very real measures are required of us to walk that talk.

Saturn is often referred to as the taskmaster. Our task while Saturn journeys though Libra is to bring our relationships into a proper structure through achieving a balance of two individual energies/entities that allows for the two previously individual energies to function harmonically as a 3rd energy/entity. This balancing and blending of 2 individual energies does not require either party to be sacrificing of their true nature but does require a willingness to allow one’s self and the other(s) to expand into this 3rd energy of union at your/their own pace and in whatever way is healthy and comfortable for you/them. (more…)

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Saturn returns to Libra on July 21st, 2010 and shall remain in Libra until October of 2012.

We had a sneak peek of what Saturn transiting Libra has in store for us when Saturn briefly visited this sign late October of 2009 until early April of this year. Libra is Saturn’s sign of exaltation and seeks to bring relationships into proper structure through the balancing of two forces/energies that allows for a harmonic existence and functioning of the two previously individual energies.

Libra is the 7th sign of the natural Zodiac and therefore is the 1st sign of relationship. The first 6 signs, Aries through Virgo, are the space in which we come to know and develop the Self. The last 6 signs, Libra through Pisces, are the space in which we come to know that which is ‘external’ to one’s Self and develop comprehension of the “We” principle and eventually expand into the One Self.

Saturn has occupied the first 6 signs of the natural zodiac since 1994 so this shift into the 7th sign of Libra is quite significant as we steer our focus from Self to Other. A wonderful treat for those of us that have worked and reworked ourselves these past many years and are craving new lessons and directions that are less self-involved.

Our first step into harmonic relationship occurs within Libra and is where we seek compatibility through compromise while adjusting our boundaries to better suit our quest for right relationship. For some this shall mean an establishing of better defined boundaries while others will look to soften overly rigid ‘rules of engagement’. 🙂 As we have had a few months previous to now of experiencing Saturn in Libra you likely have some idea as to which application applies for you though it is quite possible to be working both ends by shoring up some boundaries while relaxing others of any that are no longer serving you in a beneficial manner.


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Saturn goes direct at 27°50′ Virgo on May 30th, 2010 and shall reenter Libra on July 22nd, 2010 thus bringing to a close Saturn/Virgo lessons and training.

Saturn will not return to Virgo again until 2036.

Of note is Saturn’s degree of direct station @ 27°5 Virgo for this is now a sensitized degree and as the inner planets move over this degree (especially the Sun and Mars) new developments in our Virgo related area’s will be triggered. For those that have applied themselves to their Virgo lessons (health, routines, communications etc) this will bring rewards for the efforts we have applied.

Dates relevant to the crossing by the inner planets of this degree are: 7-26-10  Mars > 8-5-10 Venus > 9-21-10 Sun > 10-2-10 Mercury


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“convention is not for me

I have tried

for all of my effort

I fail

and am left puzzled

as to why others

continue to push

the same buttons

over and over

expecting a different result



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Two days past my 18 year old daughter was pulled over by a policeman and issued a warning citation.

Her infraction?

Driving with one head light. {{smiles}}

This incident was downright poetic.

Here’s why. 😉 (more…)

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There is a new addition to the Healing and Energy Working section:

Renouncement of Vows

With Saturn (responsibility) now transiting Libra (relationships,balance) there are many people now consciously working to improve their relationships and this technique can assist in that area.

If you carry any wounds (shame, guilt, regret etc.) related to the past involvements with an individual, group or ideal, you should also find benefit with this technique.

Best Wishes All! Kachina

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