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The Sun is preparing to join the current T-square of Saturn, Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter and on June 15th until June 30th we will be experiencing our next Grand Cross of the 2010 season.

Mercury is moving quickly now and will join the Grand Cross a few days after it forms. During the Grand Cross formation, the Sun and Mercury will have their Superior Conjunction, an important aspect in relation to the previous Mercury retrograde period.

This 2 week period also contains other significant events with the Summer Solstice arriving on June 21st and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on June 26th.

These coming weeks are sizzling with energy and many will be feeling pressured to make adjustments and new choices in many different life area’s. Late mutable and early cardinal placements are feeling this most intensely; as has been true for some time now.

This post is a closer examination of the Grand Cross itself and notes important dates of this period as well as when the Moon will jazz it up even more. The Solstice, upcoming Capricorn Eclipse and Superior conjunction of the Sun and Mercury will be further expanded upon in later posts over the next week.



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This past Sunday Jupiter entered Pisces and my conjunction of Jupiter-Uranus-Mercury(sudden-grand-ideas) fired up off the charts and was I ever special.{{smirking}}

For as long as I can remember I have wanted a seaside home.

This year finally, not only am I receiving favorable transit energies that support a relocation to a seaside community, but in my personal life I am also at an optimal place to make such a move.

Out of the blue this Sunday past though, I get this idea that I am going to purchase a yacht and live the rest of my days sailing around the world  munching cheese doodles with my faithful companion, Molly (my maltipoo), while I soak in the hot tub on deck.

I was so obsessed with this inspiration I spent several hours perusing my options at an online world-wide dealership.

Never mind how that yacht is going to be payed for, it is my reality, and I am choosing to disregard that little technicality. 😉


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Jupiter, the planet of expansion and optimism, shall be entering Pisces on January 17th 2010.

On June 6th until September 8th Jupiter will briefly travel into Aries, then retrograde back into Pisces and remain in the Sign of the Fishes until January 22nd 2011.

It takes approximately 12 years for Jupiter to travel the whole of the Zodiac, so your house with Pisces located on the cusp is where you can expect to have Jupiter’s longer term attention the coming year.

A brief look at the energies represented by Jupiter and Pisces:

Jupiter: Jupiter is the representation of wisdom. Where Jupiter is transiting in your chart, is where you are afforded the opportunity for higher learning.

Some keywords for Jupiter are: abundance, expansion, luck, obesity, optimism, philosophy, publishing and religion.

Pisces: Pisces is a mutable water sign and the last sign of the Zodiac. Modern astrology attributes Neptune as the ruler of Pisces, yet until the discovery of Neptune, rulership was assigned to Jupiter.

Some keywords for Pisces are: artistic, creative, compassionate, imaginative, impressionable, psychic, sensitive and spiritual.

By identifying the house in which Jupiter will transit this next year, you can focus on the area of your life that your are being afforded the opportunity to expand in some manner with enthusiasm and good fortune on your side!

I offer one caution though, especially while Jupiter is transiting the ‘dreamy’ sign of Pisces, there is wisdom in the advice of “everything in moderation!” 🙂

Don’t get lost in too much of a good thing.

Yet if you are attentive to other area’s in your life needing focus, by all means you should thoroughly soak in the pleasures and advantages Jupiter is gifting unto you now.

Jupiter transiting the 12 Houses:


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My inspiration is  always at it’s peak when I first awake.

Yes, I am one of those fully alert risers. cathy

The saving grace of those around me whom are not happy-go-lucky risers , is that my return through the Gates of Morpheus has gifted me with full volumes of material that I am rapidly processing in my mind, so I am unlikely to play Chatty-Cathy to them.

It is has always been difficult for me to explain to others how I come back from the sleep realms with the information that I do.

Here is a bit of an analogy as to what it is like: (more…)

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