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Some time ago I wrote a little piece about an experience I had with my daughters when they were young concerning their observance of their sacred “Rabbit-Rabbit Days“.

I suppose I wanted to share this story today, as we are quickly approaching a period that may necessitate our needing to make choices quickly from that which is presented to us by the Cardinal Transits of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, and I feel this story may hold relevance for those that are seeking to roll with the coming changes with as much grace and ease as is possible.

At one end of the scale we have those that feel the coming changes are completely beyond our control while on the other end are those that feel all is self-created and within full control of each individual.

I would like to think most of us are balanced fairly well between the extremes.

While I do agree that certain situations and developments do occur in this life that are beyond our control I maintain nonetheless that our actions in regards to said situations/developments are always within our control.

I embrace Astrology from this same standpoint and feel that while we are subjected to certain parameters at certain times, it is entirely up to the individual as to the manner in which one relates to energies at hand and how one chooses to act, or not to act, upon said energies that determines the outcome.

For me, this is the difference between fate and destiny.

I shared this Rabbit-Rabbit Days story previously in forums and many seemed to have enjoyed it, so dusting it off and sharing here today, take what you will from it and discard whatever doesn’t appeal to you personally!

Blessings. Kachina


~Rabbit Rabbit Days~

When my daughter’s were young they had a monthly tradition and Rabbit-Rabbit Day is what they termed it. The first day of every month and immediately upon awaking they were to speak aloud “Rabbit Rabbit!”.  No other words could precede this sacred chant for if one were to utter any other words first it would certainly mean a month of doom and no good things could possibly occur in one’s life until the next Rabbit-Rabbit Day was properly honored.



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For those that work with manifestation through conscious intention this is a very important week.

We have the New Moon in Pisces on 3/15/10 which is the “New Moon before Birth”, as it is the last New Moon before the Sun’s ingress of Aries/Spring Equinox, therefore lends special significance especially in a year of so many shifts in energies.

The Vernal/Spring Equinox occurs with the Sun’s ingress of Aries on 3/20/10 and with the tremendous Cardinal Energies this year I feel the intentions set upon Equinox shall set the stage in a huge way for what we have forthcoming with the Cardinal T-Squares and Crosses.

Due to each subsequent event building upon the last I am sharing a few quick insights for those, that while accustomed to working with energy and conscious intention, are now finding themselves frustrated and feeling as if they have lost their manifestation mo-jo.

The energies we are now within are significantly different than what we were accustomed to in the past.

There have been numerous large shifts and this will continue to occur with a greater magnitude and strengthen for some time.

Maybe what I have to share will joggle something for you. 🙂


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Transitional times can be wearying even for those that are well accustomed to transformation through challenge.

As we approach the forthcoming Cardinal Squares and Crosses of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, it is of great importance that we seek to hold our balance and attend our situations as they arise, keeping our lives as streamlined and simple as is possible.

When in periods of change, especially when there is such a large amount of outer planet involvement, much can feel as if it is spinning out of control and this can lead to feelings of despair, anger, resentment and loss of faith and belief.

While transformation due to challenging circumstances is seldom pain free we needn’t go through unnecessary struggle. By practicing conscious awareness and making choices based upon our well-being we can effectively prevent the arising of situations that will only serve to hinder our progression and growth.

For those that are struggling during these times I offer these insights and tips on what has sustained and assisted me through the more difficult periods. (more…)

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There is a new addition to the Healing and Energy Working section:

Renouncement of Vows

With Saturn (responsibility) now transiting Libra (relationships,balance) there are many people now consciously working to improve their relationships and this technique can assist in that area.

If you carry any wounds (shame, guilt, regret etc.) related to the past involvements with an individual, group or ideal, you should also find benefit with this technique.

Best Wishes All! Kachina

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The answer to that question is quite simple.

Everything and Everyone.

Everything is Healing if you so choose it to be and Everyone is a Healer if you allow yourself to be so.

If you are breathing and walking upon this planet today (good news! you are if you are reading this) :), you HAVE experienced healing and you ARE a healer.

Yes I know, many that are reading this right now are not at all comfortable with that statement including possibly you.

Feelings can come flying to the surface from somewhere deep inside, a volcano of inner resistance and possibly even anger, spewing forth with possible statements of:

“How dare you assume that I am a healer! I have never aspired to be as the Saints nor do I wish to be seen as some Voodoo Priestess or snake-oil peddler. I will not accept that term for myself!”.


How can I possibly be a healer when I have days I can’t even get out of bed for all the sadness I feel? I can not possibly be a healer when I rely upon others to assist me to obtain what I need for daily living?”


“I have never had any desires whatsoever to be a healer unto others and I will not even consider that term applying to me. I have had no interest in taking the time to train to be a healer. It is just not my cup of tea”.

((patiently smiling and waiting for those upset reactions to calm down))

If you had one of those reactions to my statement of Everything is Healing and Everyone is a Healer and you are still with me and have not flown the coop vowing to never read my stuff again then I offer my perspective on all is healing and all are healers for your consideration. 🙂


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A quick note to any that may be interested:

A new addition has been placed in Conscious Development.

Being ‘PRO’ as opposed to ‘Anti’: Taking Responsibility for the Utilization of Your Energy

Enjoy! kachina

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