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My daughter Alexandra is celebrating her 19th birthday today. We no longer reside together, so when I shared her gift with her a little early during one of her “pop-in, say hi’s and eat for free’s”, I had not yet purchased a card to go with her gift. She asked me to forgo the card and instead asked for a post that was just hers on her birthday.

So, here you go Ali-Boo…this one is just for you. (more…)


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SpiritLibrary.com has extended a generous invitation to join their list of featured authors and I am honored to have accepted the invitation.

For those unacquainted with Spirit Library, an excerpt concerning their site purpose taken from their About page:

“Spirit Library was born from a strong desire to make easily accessible in one website the wonderful abundance of inspiring and empowering messages available on the internet. We wanted to combine our passion for spirituality with our passion for technology to create a virtual library of messages updated each day to assist people in finding their personal Alignment and Well-Being. Spirit Library aims to be a way to inspire your thoughts to guide you to a more conscious creation of your life.”

A special thank you to the Editor of Spirit Library for her efforts in composing my author’s page and covering all the specifics that allow for my posts to be shared upon their site. Your efforts are greatly appreciated for it allowed me to accept your invitation with ease and I am thrilled to have been gifted this opportunity to share the materials of Into The Mystic with your substantial membership and visitor base. Bless you! 🙂

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Gregory Frank Harris "A Bountiful Harvest"

The Autumn Equinox occurs on September 22nd, 2010 @ 11:09pm EDT and on September 23rd @ 3:09am UT when the Sun ingresses Libra.

The next 90 days shall be influenced by the energy tones set upon the Equinox and during this time we shall be fleshing out and further developing our creations that were seeded during the Spring Equinox 6 months prior while also weeding out that which has not come to viable form post Summer Solstice.

Normally, when the Sun enters Libra annually our desire for social interaction is increased and we find ourselves pivoting away from our solo endeavors in favor of the pleasures of shared experiences. It is a time for relaxing and enjoying with others the fruits born of our labors of the previous months. Notice I said “normally”. The Autumn Equinox chart this year is a highly focused chart with the Sun applying to a conjunction with Saturn in Libra, applying to a square with Pluto in Capricorn and in an applying opposition to the Pisces Moon. In addition, we find all planets working in conjunction pairs and this too shall lend intensive direction to this Autumn period. While we do have most planets(except for Mercury) tenanting the natural 7th-12th houses of social and trans-personal interaction, with the fore mentioned aspects, there is a gravity implied that will find our interactions to be more of a serious nature and purpose driven while also being emotionally fueled.

The  Saturn-Uranus opposition series that began in 2008 has come to conclusion and the Cardinal Squares of this past summer are now separating yet we find we are still navigating our way through the fall-out and sifting through the many pieces of our lives that were impacted by these forces that initiated us to deep and long lasting changes.  While these past months may have appeared to be a stalemate in many ways(especially if you had natal placements being influenced by these heavy-duty transits) we were nonetheless seeding and fostering the growth of new creations even as some parts of our lives continued to disintegrate around us. So much shifting was continuously occurring that most days were chaotic at best and others were just downright excruciating. Yet through this all we continued to place precious energy into our new endeavors and have held onto the hopes that at the end of this stormy period we would find within the debris that something(s) we had sowed last Spring had indeed taken root and became a viable life-form. (more…)

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Mercury has now positioned at direct station @ 6° Virgo and Pluto, in a few short hours, will also position at direct station @ 3° Capricorn. For a refresher on what these two retrograde periods were focused upon revisit these previous posts: Mercury Retrograde Virgo 2010 and Pluto Retrograde Capricorn 2010

Mercury will remain within the retrograde shadow until crossing 19° Virgo on September 28th. There may continue to be retrograde related hiccups though I personally felt this retrograde was quite benign. Of course the first few days after direct station are occasionally when Mercury can play the trickster and get in a few late HaHa’s so hopefully I will not be eating my words. Bless you Mercury! 🙂

Now through September 27th we consolidate that which we have observed and put considerations to and begin to move toward externally expressing our revised Mercury-Virgo directives(ie. health care, daily routines, communications). Being that this retrograde followed Saturn’s 2 1/2 year transit of Virgo, which taught us new ways of utilizing our Virgo sectors and attributes, the benefits coming from this period should be quite apparent as we move through the remainder of September. This will be especially true for anyone that has a personal planet within the degree’s of retrograde span either in Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius or Pisces. (more…)

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The New Moon @ 15°41′ Virgo occurs on September 8th, 2010 at 6:31 am EST/10:31 am UT.

After the recent months of scattered activity, courtesy of the Summer’s Cardinal Crosses and Squares, we have had many of our basic routines rocked and may have become lax in relation daily health care regimens, keeping up daily communications with others and attending to other basic everyday chores such as housekeeping. Schedules were altered and now it is time to put the breaks on and reassess where our attention now needs to be placed to bring back some stability to our everyday lives.  The Virgo New Moon comes just in the knick of time to help us clean up our acts and get back on the horse in area’s that are crucial to our physical well-being.

This New Moon is highly focused with no major aspects forming. Mercury, the ruler of this lunation, is in residence in Virgo though retrograde and implies we will be looking back over the past months and scanning for anything may have went willy-nilly in relation to Virgo initiatives as we were scrambling to keep up with all of the energies of this past summer. (more…)

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