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Two days past my 18 year old daughter was pulled over by a policeman and issued a warning citation.

Her infraction?

Driving with one head light. {{smiles}}

This incident was downright poetic.

Here’s why. 😉 (more…)


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Our next Full Moon occurs on January 30th, 2010 at 1:18 am EST @ 10°15′ Leo/Aquarius.

Where ever a Full Moon falls in our charts, is where we have the opportunity to become Conscious (Sun) of that which has been Unconscious (Moon), as during a Full Moon the Sun shines directly upon the Moon eliminating all shadows.

Two weeks ago, the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn brought in some incredibly supportive energies for new beginnings in the area’s of our life related to that New Moon event.

Our New Moons have been occurring in the sign previous to our Full Moons, which has been making for very interesting developments, concerning our intentions set during the New Moon.

This Full Moon carries what began in Capricorn into our Leo/Aquarius area for further development and culmination.

Even though our Full Moons have been occurring in signs after those in which the New Moon occurred, the Sun’s illuminations upon the Moon are completely relevant to that which was started in the previous signs two weeks earlier during the New Moon, and lend us guidance on our next step to achieving that which we intended during the previous New Moon.

The New Moon that occurred two weeks previous brought much to the surface for many and many have been doing a tremendous amount of release work since then.

Now with this Full Moon at 10° Leo, we are beginning to see the results of our intentions and how we did releasing anything that was not in alignment with our new intentions.


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Last month found us grounded to the max.

That is my opinion on the matter anyway, for I am not sure I have ever felt that grounded in my entire life.

We had 5 planetary bodies all within Capricorn and I felt as if I was pushing through an atmosphere that was suddenly no longer wispy and etheric but made of jello.

Even though Capricorn is a mutable sign, with all of those bodies there, it was way toooo grounded for my taste. 🙂


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Thanking your gentle spirit, for the gift’s of deeply soulful sounds that you imparted to us.

Your music continues to bring great pleasure into the hearts of many.

Though your CHANGE came earlier than any here on this plane would have wished, you were freed to be HAVING a PARTY whenever you so wish within the realms of eternal SUMMERTIME.

Say hello to CUPID, for those of us still WORKING on the CHAIN GANG, whilst the two of you are TWISTIN’ the NIGHT AWAY.

Happy Birthday Mr. Sam Cooke, You and your glorious creations are appreciated and loved ever still!

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There is a new addition to the Healing and Energy Working section:

Renouncement of Vows

With Saturn (responsibility) now transiting Libra (relationships,balance) there are many people now consciously working to improve their relationships and this technique can assist in that area.

If you carry any wounds (shame, guilt, regret etc.) related to the past involvements with an individual, group or ideal, you should also find benefit with this technique.

Best Wishes All! Kachina

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This past Sunday Jupiter entered Pisces and my conjunction of Jupiter-Uranus-Mercury(sudden-grand-ideas) fired up off the charts and was I ever special.{{smirking}}

For as long as I can remember I have wanted a seaside home.

This year finally, not only am I receiving favorable transit energies that support a relocation to a seaside community, but in my personal life I am also at an optimal place to make such a move.

Out of the blue this Sunday past though, I get this idea that I am going to purchase a yacht and live the rest of my days sailing around the world  munching cheese doodles with my faithful companion, Molly (my maltipoo), while I soak in the hot tub on deck.

I was so obsessed with this inspiration I spent several hours perusing my options at an online world-wide dealership.

Never mind how that yacht is going to be payed for, it is my reality, and I am choosing to disregard that little technicality. 😉


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We have just had a whole stream of shifting energies this past week as Mercury has now stationed direct, Saturn has turned retrograde and we have had our much anticipated Capricorn Solar Eclipse occur.

Tomorrow sees Jupiter’s ingress into Pisces, and for the better part of the next two weeks, we have the square between Saturn and Pluto applying exact.

So how are you doing?

I have been feeling a mixed bag the past 2 days, lot’s of upper back/chest soreness and high-heart/thymus chakra related clearings. Yesterday all of the energy releasing physically made for a true Tum’s-as-candy kind of day. 😉

All of that physical clearing is well worth it though, for the lightest energies are all around, and it feels as if we can finally breathe again without feeling as if a boa constrictor has taken the place of our bra’s. {{if you are female anyway..laughing}}

I have also had the most delightful cool breezes of Spirit presence lingering and I love the closeness of presence and support coming in.

While no one visiting has much to say at the moment, there is a tangible happiness to their energies, and an “All is Quite Well” tone.

I have a few things to catch up on this weekend, so am not sure as to when I will be posting new material, yet if you have missed the posts on Jupiter entering Pisces and Saturn turning retrograde, you can catch up on them here> Saturn Retrograde January 13th and Jupiter enters Pisces January 17th

Also, lot’s of energies are being released and are moving about right now due to all of these shifts, so if you find yourself particularly sensitive to these energies moving within the collective, you may wish to consider these articles if you have not already read them: Simple Technique for Flowing External Energies and Simple Technique for Releasing and Transmuting Energies

A lovely weekend to All, share your experiences if you wish. 🙂

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