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This past Sunday Jupiter entered Pisces and my conjunction of Jupiter-Uranus-Mercury(sudden-grand-ideas) fired up off the charts and was I ever special.{{smirking}}

For as long as I can remember I have wanted a seaside home.

This year finally, not only am I receiving favorable transit energies that support a relocation to a seaside community, but in my personal life I am also at an optimal place to make such a move.

Out of the blue this Sunday past though, I get this idea that I am going to purchase a yacht and live the rest of my days sailing around the world  munching cheese doodles with my faithful companion, Molly (my maltipoo), while I soak in the hot tub on deck.

I was so obsessed with this inspiration I spent several hours perusing my options at an online world-wide dealership.

Never mind how that yacht is going to be payed for, it is my reality, and I am choosing to disregard that little technicality. 😉



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Whew! This Mercury retrograde was quite a whopper for me!

I’ve been noting many others sharing that sentiment, and undeniably, we have a lot occurring around this retrograde making it a little more difficult to try to isolate what was effecting what and in what manner.

I have had days these past weeks that putting together a sentence was more effort than it was worth leaving me exhausted for hours after (and no, sadly that is not an exaggeration).

Too, my conversations have really been out in left-field, even my Merc-Jup-Uranus stellium has been a little surprised by the stuff coming forth from my mouth.

I was talking to a friend yesterday, and out of the blue while I am giving him the rundown on his current transits, I interject with, “I need to go swimsuit shopping”, and then proceed to tell him all about it, whatever it was that I was prattling on about concerning swimsuit shopping, for I am not even certain what I said.

Maybe I was channeling Elle MacPherson {{laughs}}, hey it’s a possibility she’s been on my mind quite a bit lately and I have no idea why, afterall, my brain is amped out on retro of late.

Whatever it was all about, it worked for him though{{big smile}} for he readily offered to go swim suit shopping with me.

Men are visual creatures, and that is a good thing in this case, for I am not certain what all I said in that conversation, and just in case he picked up on Elle, well let’s just say he is going to have to spin a really good projection my way to be seeing that.

At 40, I don’t mind nearly as much as when I was younger, as long as I benefit in a way that pleases me, it’s all good, right?{{HUGE grins}}

Too, after sharing this conversation I had with one male friend with another male in my life, I received a hearty second offer of companionship for my swimsuit shopping excursion. 😉

Now that I’ve digressed, and confessed, my personal stuff again for the zillionth time this year so far…back to my attempt at talking Mercury Retro.


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My inspiration is  always at it’s peak when I first awake.

Yes, I am one of those fully alert risers. cathy

The saving grace of those around me whom are not happy-go-lucky risers , is that my return through the Gates of Morpheus has gifted me with full volumes of material that I am rapidly processing in my mind, so I am unlikely to play Chatty-Cathy to them.

It is has always been difficult for me to explain to others how I come back from the sleep realms with the information that I do.

Here is a bit of an analogy as to what it is like: (more…)

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