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“convention is not for me

I have tried

for all of my effort

I fail

and am left puzzled

as to why others

continue to push

the same buttons

over and over

expecting a different result




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if only for the briefest

of moments

‘tween dropped notes

of casual exchange

arises a verse

brought to your lips

its tone

come forth unbidden

no longer veiled within

tangles of rhyme

freed then I would be

to recite mine own

verse of love

liberating my fore silent lips

could heavens glimpse

then await our sight

if only you should

respond yea to the query

resting still ever patient

within my Heart.

~kachina ’10

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Personal Note: I felt a need to take a closer look at Natal Venus square Saturn recently, as my Natal square is now highly activated, and will remain so for many months, due to Mars transiting Leo.

Maybe this will be of value to others whom also have this aspect.

Venus square Saturn in the Natal Chart is a challenging aspect to carry.

Yet our ‘hard’ aspects are where we receive our lessons, our opportunities, to learn a new way of action and being.

I have heard this aspect, Venus square Saturn, referred to as the “When will I ever be Loved?” aspect.

I have referred to it in my life as, “When will I ever FEEL loved”.

I  view this aspect, for myself, as having strong connections to the Martyr archetype, and feel it is a call to Self-Love.

Also, I see Venus sq. Saturn, as one of a few aspects, that can give you the ‘damned if I do, damned if I don’t’ attitude.

For myself, this aspect has symbolized a need for receiving unconditional love, or feeling that one is unconditionally loved.

I believe this can only be achieved through truly holding unconditional love for one’s self first, by recognizing one’s own divinity(god spark).

The catalyst for this to take place within one’s self, is a feeling within yourself, that no matter what you do, or do not do, it is never enough for others for them to extend “approval”, hence signifying the gifting of unconditional love by another.

Until this aspect is harmonized within, it is common to seek approval/love from others in manners that deprive one’s self of free expression of your true nature.

Many with this aspect are quite capable of giving unconditional love to others and to put others first, yet cannot be receiving, for they have yet to “Love thyself”, and give self-recognition to their status as an equal within the Whole of Creation.

Definition of a SQUARE: A square is when two planets are located 90° apart in the Zodiac, and the general orb allowed is within 6+/- degrees, unless the Sun and/or Moon is one of the planets forming the square, then generally an orb of 10° is allotted.

Squares are conflict. Where you have a square, you have the representation of two planets who’s individual needs clash within a person. The challenge is to harmonize the two planets(energies) within oneself.

By harmonizing the function of both planets forming the square within oneself, the energy of the square is released, then allowing for one’s external life/world to reflect the inner harmony.


I have explained the basics of this aspect. I’ll now share my personal relationship with Venus square Saturn.


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Just a note that I have written a new piece that is posted in “Neptune Expressed”.

Mars is transiting my  Leo Venus, and Venus is transiting my Scorpio 5th house, and I am thoroughly enjoying these flavors. 😉

It has been a while since I have felt creative, so it is so nice to have these extra energy-boosts.

If you wish to read this last posting in Neptune Exp., the direct link is below.

Please be advised: this writing has a touch of erotic, so if that is not your cup of tea, you may wish to pass it by.

I Wonder, “Does He Enjoy Fruit Compote?”


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