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Mercury turns retrograde on March 22nd @ 17° Aries. Direct station occurs April 15th @ 5° Aries. Mercury enters shadow phase on March 9th.

Representative of our thought aptitude and perception, Mercury rules all forms of  communications, methods of transport and commerce. During retrograde periods glitches can occur within communication systems, modes of transport and commerce related dealings.

On a personal level cognitive skills are often challenged and making decisions my require extra patience and time. While Mercury Rx periods are generally not considered favorable for making contractual agreements or committing oneself to new projects for anything begun from scratch during this time often needs to be reworked later or just doesn’t get off the ground at all.

Retrograde period is conducive to putting effort into ongoing projects through a whole slew of “RE-words” such as:  reorganize, reedit, renegotiate, re-navigate, reformulate, reconsider, redefine, reprocess, reinstall etc, etc.

Often issues that crop up that we attribute to Mercury being retrograde tend to sort themselves away if we are patient and don’t complicate the issue further. No action can often be the best course during Mercury RX.


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Mars finally enters Virgo on June 7th, 2010, after many long months of holding company with Leo, and Virgo personal placements get a new shot of vitality which will be a blessed relief for those with planets within the Sign of the Virgin!

Those with natal Mars in Virgo shall have their Mars return. For most this spells a shift in ambitions into different area’s of life than where you have had your focus these past 2 years. Your Mars is being renewed and this brings a boost in energy levels!

Mars in Virgo Souls, be prepared for a very active 2 year period coming in for you! The current planetary formations are off-the-charts therefore Mars in Virgo return charts are absolutely slamming too with lot’s of energy to make headway in many area’s of your life if channeled properly. 😉


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A subject that in many ways I feel has become almost taboo to speak on in public venues, and even in close circles.

Mention anger in certain company and you will likely find yourself “Loved, Lighted, and Blessed” to a degree you will feel like you’ve been mistaken for the Blessed Mother herself. ((smiles))

I adore the Blessed Mother and yet apparently I have a long way to go to Sainthood for all of that Blessing others have gifted me with to attempt to diffuse my anger at times, well, it just didn’t work.

It has also been recommended to me a million and one times that I just ‘let it go’ and while I agree 100% percent with the letting it go and I strongly advocate Release Work in self-healing, to let something go you first must have some idea of what that something is.

Hence, I’ve had to learn to embrace my anger and listen to that which it was speaking to me to then be able to master and redirect this emotion/energy of anger just as I do with all emotions/energies if I find them manifesting in an undesirable form.

The first step to learning to utilize your anger, or any energy for that matter, is acknowledging that it really does exist.

The second step is not judging the emotion/energy as bad or harmful for it is simply something you are feeling at the moment and does not necessarily identify who you truly are.

No energy or emotion is bad or harmful in and of itself, these energies that comprise the emotional scale are merely tools, and there is nothing to fear in utilizing these tools we were gifted with for navigating our journeys within this human experience.


We currently live in societies that I feel have made it quite unpopular to express “undesirable” emotions in a healthy manner and we have been encouraged to put a shiny veneer on everything and anything, including ourselves, and to not allow anything deemed ugly in some manner to be displayed for the view of others.

Some might argue that I am incorrect in my statement citing the premise that we view lot’s of emotion daily on news reels, tabloid venues, and reality-based TV shows and yes!, we do see lot’s of something in those arena’s yet in many cases it is not what I would call healthy emotional expression.

Anger, is an emotion, it is not an action.

Anger is an energy and actions come forth from one applying their Will to an energy.

Anger is one of many energies categorized as emotion and energies are neither good nor bad, they just ARE, until they are utilized by one’s Will and directed for manifestation therefore any energy can be utilized in any manner.

Energy-workers understand this quite well and  simply term it transmuting energies and the first step in transmuting energies is to first drop the label off an energy and just feel the vibration.

Energies have many different levels of mass and the more compacted the mass, the denser an energy feels to the human system, hence the labels of low and high vibration/energies.

Anger just happens to be a more dense energy and can pack a real punch to someone that is not accustomed to working energies or does not find the intensity appealing, and yet the quantity of energy contained within anger if utilized in the proper manner, can deliver huge results for beneficial purposes.

By acknowledging the presence of one’s anger and by not denying the existence of this energy (which in effect will only repress it and will not make it go away) you can take steps to utilize your anger as the fuel for meaningful purposes and lessen the possibility of your anger having negative ramifications for yourself and/or others.


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