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The Full Moon on April 28th, 2010 occurs at 8°07′ Scorpio/Taurus at 8:19 am EST.

Where a Full Moon falls in our charts is where we are gifted the opportunity of becoming Conscious (Sun) of that which has been Unconscious (Moon) as during a Full Moon the Sun shines directly upon the Moon eliminating all shadows.

This lunation is also known as the Wesak Moon and finds its correspondence to Buddha. For those that are interested you can learn more concerning the Wesak Moon and the correlation to Buddha by visiting SouledOut.org


This Full Moon finds the Sun conjunct Mercury (just hours before the exact inferior conjunction) in opposition to the Moon in Scorpio and with the co-rulers of the Scorpio Moon (Mars and Pluto) in aspect to both the Moon and Sun this is a powerful lunation!



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The Sun has joined Mercury and Venus within Taurus, Saturn is once again visiting Virgo and Pluto and the North Node remain in Capricorn.

With this current strong emphasis in Earth, these next days are favorable for all things practical, and this should come as a great relief after many weeks of much emotional and mental activity being catalyzed by our Pisces-Aries transition.

Now is a fabulous time to put to order all that was neglected and/or strewn about during the past weeks of upheaval.

With Mercury currently in retrograde, ‘spring cleaning’ of anything and everything in need of attention is a wonderful way to still the mind and allow Mercury the free space to bring forth new insights concerning the past weeks events.

Physical activities are also favored and advisable, especially with Saturn’s return to Virgo, and now is a great time to step up your fitness program or to commit yourself to attending your physical fitness if need be.

Here’s to rolling up those sleeves and getting down to the practical endeavors that are quite necessary for total well-being! 🙂

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Yes, it is that time again. 🙂

Mercury has turned retrograde at 13° Taurus on April 18th, 2010 and will retrace back to 2° Taurus where direct station will occur on May 11th.

These next 3 weeks offer an opportunity to review and reevaluate that which has taken place in our lives during the approximate time frame of April 4th-April 17th when Mercury first traversed these degrees of Taurus in direct motion.

During the forward motion of Mercury through the early degrees of Taurus we have had constant aspects between Mercury and the following bodies: Venus, Mars and Pluto. We have also had considerable contact between Mercury and these bodies: Saturn, Neptune and Chiron.

A lot going on here in a the space of a few short weeks!


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The New Moon in Aries @ 24°27′ occurs on April 14th, 2010 at 8:29 am EST.

We have had over 3 weeks pass since the Vernal Equinox delivered some phenomenal energies thanks to the jump start assistance of Mars. Now we find that which began during the Equinox and then was brought to light for adjustment after the last Full Moon in Libra/Aries is now being focused through a yod formation to Saturn in Virgo for further expansion and grounding.

Since the Equinox, there has been a heightened sense of the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ overlapping. Many forms have gotten off to a rapid start while others forms that have outlived their usefulness continue to come to completion. This has been quite an intense time for many and there has been some confusion as to what is really leaving completely and what is being transformed into a new expression and shall continue forward with us albeit in a renewed form.


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Pluto turned retrograde @ 5°25′ Capricorn on April 7th and remains retrograde until September 13th, 2010 when direct station occurs at 2°47′ Capricorn.

Pluto first covered these same degrees in forward motion between September 12th, 2009 and April 7th, 2010. There has been much occurring since last September in the arena’s governed by Capricorn(see below) and now we will be evaluating that which had transpired from a different angle during this retrograde phase.


Pluto is commonly referred to as the planet of Transformation, Death-Rebirth and Power.

The highest function of Pluto is to empower individuals and societies through bringing to an end that which has become non-productive and toxic, within and without an individual and/or societal structure, purifying the said entity on the deepest level and allowing for new forms to be seeded and birthed free of previous non-beneficial influences.


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Saturn returns to Virgo in retrograde motion on April 7th and turns direct while within Virgo on May 30th @ 27°50′.

Saturn’s stay in Virgo comes to a close on July 21st, 2010 when Saturn returns to Libra hence signaling completion of another cycle of Saturn within Virgo for another 28+ years.

Saturn, as the teacher, brings forth lessons that assist us in restructuring area of our life functions that are in need of updating to better reflect whom we are today and to support our growing into a future expression that is in harmony with our path.

Saturn’s transit of Virgo these past years has offered insight into where we have been falling short in our Virgo sector(health, daily routines, pets) and has encouraged us to improve the function of anything we found to be of dysfunction.

We are now entering the last review for these Saturn/Virgo concerns, and if there is anything we failed to complete that Saturn had slated for us, these next weeks will bring these area’s into focus once again.

To review information concerning Saturn’s return to Virgo you may wish to revisit this article: Saturn Retrograde: Culmination in Virgo


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