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The New Moon Solar Eclipse @ 28′ Aquarius occurs on February 15, 2018.

Nodal axis to New Moon orb is rather wide so I wouldn’t expect the Eclipse itself to be of strong effect; yet with close orbs present in other configurations I believe this will be a significant Moon.

Sun/Moon are tightly conjunct Mercury, and Juno, and this Eclipse is South Node oriented. Uranus (Eclipse co-ruler) is partile sextile Mercury and Saturn (Eclipse co-ruler) is partile sextile Venus. With Mars in a forming square to Venus and the Sun/Moon/Merc/Juno formation recently separated from a Jupiter square there are a lot of players showing up for this Moon.

Key to delineating this Moon is the partile sextiles of Uranus/Mercury and Saturn/Venus. Breakthrough idea’s and communications in regard to Aquarian areas (groups/common interests/originality) will foster opportunity for long-term, stable relationships with people/situations/things that are beneficial and highly desirable provided the sanctity of the relation is observed. (more…)


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The New Moon @ 13°54 Aquarius occurs on February 2nd, 2011 @ 9:31 pm EST, Feb. 3rd 2:31 am UT.

Independent, visionary and ingenious, Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus and when well functioning is capable of bringing into today’s reality forms that offer a bridge to the future. Though the co-rulers of this sign may seem odd bed-fellows, Saturn provides the perseverance and grounding energy that is necessary to implement into a material world structure the cutting edge insights of Uranus. As the natural 11h sign of the Zodiac, Aquarius also serves the function of aligning like-purposed individuals in order to advance societal development through their collaborated endeavors. (more…)

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The Full Moon occurs on July 25th, 2010 @ 3° Aquarius-Leo at 9:37 pm EST and on the 26th at 1:37 am UT.

This lunation not only shares beneficial aspects with the Cardinal T-square yet also forms a Mystic Rectangle so should prove to be productive in many area’s of our lives. Add to this the Sun’s role as the final dispositor of all planets in this lunation and we have the conditions present to utilize our luminosity to harmonize previously discordant area’s.

A quick review of the Aquarius/Leo axis shows Leo to be concerned with creative self-expression and the transcending of lower ego desires to demonstrate our personal expertise in some area while exhibiting confidence, strength and the generosity of good-will while Aquarius is where we bring to the collective the fruits of our personal expressions in a form that is uniquely innovative and future oriented to further the well-being of the Whole.


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Our next Full Moon occurs on January 30th, 2010 at 1:18 am EST @ 10°15′ Leo/Aquarius.

Where ever a Full Moon falls in our charts, is where we have the opportunity to become Conscious (Sun) of that which has been Unconscious (Moon), as during a Full Moon the Sun shines directly upon the Moon eliminating all shadows.

Two weeks ago, the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn brought in some incredibly supportive energies for new beginnings in the area’s of our life related to that New Moon event.

Our New Moons have been occurring in the sign previous to our Full Moons, which has been making for very interesting developments, concerning our intentions set during the New Moon.

This Full Moon carries what began in Capricorn into our Leo/Aquarius area for further development and culmination.

Even though our Full Moons have been occurring in signs after those in which the New Moon occurred, the Sun’s illuminations upon the Moon are completely relevant to that which was started in the previous signs two weeks earlier during the New Moon, and lend us guidance on our next step to achieving that which we intended during the previous New Moon.

The New Moon that occurred two weeks previous brought much to the surface for many and many have been doing a tremendous amount of release work since then.

Now with this Full Moon at 10° Leo, we are beginning to see the results of our intentions and how we did releasing anything that was not in alignment with our new intentions.


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Last month found us grounded to the max.

That is my opinion on the matter anyway, for I am not sure I have ever felt that grounded in my entire life.

We had 5 planetary bodies all within Capricorn and I felt as if I was pushing through an atmosphere that was suddenly no longer wispy and etheric but made of jello.

Even though Capricorn is a mutable sign, with all of those bodies there, it was way toooo grounded for my taste. 🙂


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