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The New Moon at 13°56 Pisces occurs on March 4th, 2011 @ 3:46 pm EST and is positioned within the midst of an 8-body cluster, including the co-rulers of this lunation, Jupiter and Neptune.

Pisces, as the Ocean of Pure Potential, is the space traveled in which we let go of/surrender/dissolve that which is no longer productive, purposeful and/or viable before the transition into Aries, the space of birthing anew. For those that embrace the philosophy that energy exists within a continual state of transformation yet can never truly be annihilated, and that all forms are of an energetic structure, then  Pisces can be seen as serving the function of divesting us of patterns and forms that have reached the end of their usefulness so that we are optimally prepared to embrace new life, and life anew!, upon our entry into Aries.

When Pisces is emphasized in the nativity, or by transit, this energy is well-suited for service-related endeavors that foster a broader awareness of our Greater Existence for it is within this space that one can move with relative ease beyond the narrower confines of 3D constructs and beliefs. (more…)


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Uranus has reentered Pisces in retrograde motion and will continue retracing Piscean ground in reverse motion until direct station occurs on December 5th, 2010 @ 26°40′ Pisces. Between now and the beginning of December we will be reevaluating that which we first experienced this past spring from late March through late May.

As of direct motion on December 5th we will be ready to integrate and finalize anything yet needing to be attended over the winter months. Come March 11th of 2011, we will be graduating from our Pisces-Uranus cycle, which will not be reoccurring for most of us in this lifetime for the next cycle will not occur for another 84 years.

With this reentry of Pisces by Uranus we once again have mutual reception occurring between Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius. The mutual reception of these two planets over the past 7 years has catalyzed awakenings for many that has brought about necessary completions to many area’s of life to allow for a new direction and way of Being to occur. (more…)

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When we come to the understanding that no one has the power to force our participation in any relationship, ideal or situation we then embrace a new perspective concerning the act and nature of Forgiveness.

From this new perspective me find we must be forgiving only unto ourselves for that which we feel has caused us pain or offense for without our willing participation we would not have experienced that which attributed to our perceived affliction.

When we have forgiven ourselves and stand within our personal sovereignty we no longer feel a need to attribute to others our good nor bad fortunes for we claim sole and complete responsibility for our choices and their subsequent consequences.

We are then freed of a need to forward forgiveness to another, for in truth, there was never anything to forgive since they could not have been the cause of our misfortune if we had not allowed them to be so.

If you are struggling with forgiveness in your life, bless yourself with forgiveness first for your participation with an individual or situation.

Be accepting when you suddenly find that you no longer feel as if you need to offer forgiveness to an other(s) for now any feelings that you once attributed to them that caused you to feel pain have already been released by your willingness to take accountability and accept grace, for yourself.

Blessings, Kachina

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Jupiter, the planet of expansion and optimism, shall be entering Pisces on January 17th 2010.

On June 6th until September 8th Jupiter will briefly travel into Aries, then retrograde back into Pisces and remain in the Sign of the Fishes until January 22nd 2011.

It takes approximately 12 years for Jupiter to travel the whole of the Zodiac, so your house with Pisces located on the cusp is where you can expect to have Jupiter’s longer term attention the coming year.

A brief look at the energies represented by Jupiter and Pisces:

Jupiter: Jupiter is the representation of wisdom. Where Jupiter is transiting in your chart, is where you are afforded the opportunity for higher learning.

Some keywords for Jupiter are: abundance, expansion, luck, obesity, optimism, philosophy, publishing and religion.

Pisces: Pisces is a mutable water sign and the last sign of the Zodiac. Modern astrology attributes Neptune as the ruler of Pisces, yet until the discovery of Neptune, rulership was assigned to Jupiter.

Some keywords for Pisces are: artistic, creative, compassionate, imaginative, impressionable, psychic, sensitive and spiritual.

By identifying the house in which Jupiter will transit this next year, you can focus on the area of your life that your are being afforded the opportunity to expand in some manner with enthusiasm and good fortune on your side!

I offer one caution though, especially while Jupiter is transiting the ‘dreamy’ sign of Pisces, there is wisdom in the advice of “everything in moderation!” 🙂

Don’t get lost in too much of a good thing.

Yet if you are attentive to other area’s in your life needing focus, by all means you should thoroughly soak in the pleasures and advantages Jupiter is gifting unto you now.

Jupiter transiting the 12 Houses:


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Saturn is currently transiting Libra, bringing to center stage the issue of boundaries and balance, within relationships.

Some seem to be born with an understanding of what boundaries are, and utilize them with ease, throughout their lives.

Others, myself included, have had to work quite diligently to understand the meaning of boundaries and to utilize them in a manner that is non-projective.

Years past, I attended a Spiritual School of Healing for a time.

It was the philosophy of the founders of this school, that to become an effective conduit for healing for others, one must first heal, thyself.

When I entered this school, one of the issues that was constantly stressed to me during our self-work sessions, was BOUNDARIES.

Quite honestly, back then, I didn’t have any.

The word, meant nothing to me whatsoever, no matter how many times it was defined to me.

Yet others could see, even if I could not, that I was in desperate need of boundaries, and I am thankful for their daily enforcement of the necessity of developing boundaries for myself.

Many wise souls planted seeds with me back then, and while I did not have those seeds sprout until after my attendance period at this school, they did eventually come fully to flower, and I am so very thankful for those that cared enough about me, to badger me ceaselessly, on boundaries.

Setting boundaries really is about you, not, about any other.

I do not perceive boundaries as “walls or shields”, as I believe is quite a common perception in the collective.

If you truly have strong boundaries, and maintain them, there is never a need to deflect or prevent an energy of any nature from entering your space, nor is there a need to concern yourself with how another is utilizing their personal energy.

Boundaries are, a clean and concise definition, of your personal space.

They allow you to set within your energy patterns, what comes in, what goes out, and how you wish to utilize or bypass any energy incoming, regardless of if you should label it as “negative or positive, high or low”.

It simply does not matter,  for you yourself, through boundaries, determine the qualities of any energy within your space.

Keep your space tidy, and do not trespass the personal space of an other, and you shall master boundaries amazingly fast!

Following is an article I wrote a while ago, and I feel it is in context to developing and maintaining boundaries, and is an issue that tends to be overlooked, when doing depth work in the boundaries arena, for oneself.

If you are interested in developing better boundaries in your life, this article may be helpful to you, as there are many subjects that are not always easily identified as being directly connected to the area of boundaries, and I feel this is one of them.

If you have a lot of challenging aspects in your chart concerning relationships with others, or, if you are loaded up on Pisces, 12th house, or Neptune aspects, you too, should find this article of benefit. Service-oriented Virgo, this also could serve you.


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