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When we come to the understanding that no one has the power to force our participation in any relationship, ideal or situation we then embrace a new perspective concerning the act and nature of Forgiveness.

From this new perspective me find we must be forgiving only unto ourselves for that which we feel has caused us pain or offense for without our willing participation we would not have experienced that which attributed to our perceived affliction.

When we have forgiven ourselves and stand within our personal sovereignty we no longer feel a need to attribute to others our good nor bad fortunes for we claim sole and complete responsibility for our choices and their subsequent consequences.

We are then freed of a need to forward forgiveness to another, for in truth, there was never anything to forgive since they could not have been the cause of our misfortune if we had not allowed them to be so.

If you are struggling with forgiveness in your life, bless yourself with forgiveness first for your participation with an individual or situation.

Be accepting when you suddenly find that you no longer feel as if you need to offer forgiveness to an other(s) for now any feelings that you once attributed to them that caused you to feel pain have already been released by your willingness to take accountability and accept grace, for yourself.

Blessings, Kachina


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I have been incredibly excited about Jupiter’s ingress of Pisces for Jupiter’s last stay in Pisces (my 9th house), back in ’98, brought some wonderful warm vacations for myself and I have been itching for the beach life once again.

Yesterday in the Mid Atlantic we were walloped with 24″+ of very wet, very cold..SNOW.

THIS was not at all what I had in mind and I feel as if Jupiter was strong armed by Pluto and Saturn into this not-so-funny HA HA.

It served as a great reminder though, not to put all of your eggs in one basket quite yet and to continue to acknowledge all possibilities with eyes wide open, especially in transitional times such as these.

Reminder to Self: “Don’t cease dreaming but don’t neglect looking at the bare-naked truth either.”

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This past Sunday Jupiter entered Pisces and my conjunction of Jupiter-Uranus-Mercury(sudden-grand-ideas) fired up off the charts and was I ever special.{{smirking}}

For as long as I can remember I have wanted a seaside home.

This year finally, not only am I receiving favorable transit energies that support a relocation to a seaside community, but in my personal life I am also at an optimal place to make such a move.

Out of the blue this Sunday past though, I get this idea that I am going to purchase a yacht and live the rest of my days sailing around the world  munching cheese doodles with my faithful companion, Molly (my maltipoo), while I soak in the hot tub on deck.

I was so obsessed with this inspiration I spent several hours perusing my options at an online world-wide dealership.

Never mind how that yacht is going to be payed for, it is my reality, and I am choosing to disregard that little technicality. 😉


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