self-confidence-childEverything that exists undergoes strength testing from time to time.

Foundations built erroneously must be repaired and/or replaced.

Neglect to do so results in collapse. Continue Reading »

For those seeking a gentle practice that will aid in tempering strong emotions/drives at this time I highly recommend the below 8 Brocades Qigong. Mimi Kuo-Deemer is fantastic at guiding anyone through the practice. Be Well

This is a repost of an item I wrote around 2007. I have not altered it from its original form so it may be “dated” I suppose. I think it may be of value to someone now. Be Well! 


Note of Context of This Writing:
For a brief period I visited online spirituality-based communities, and for an even briefer period, I was a moderator at one of these communities.  During the time frame I was participating in these communities, there was frequent, sometimes heated debate over what did, and did not, constitute a “Channeled” message. Also of frequent argument was the value of the message, the validity of the channeler and the identity of the source of the channeled message.
I do not wish to share my viewpoints per se, on the worth or validity of those that acknowledge themselves as spiritual channels, nor of the materials they share with the public. I feel that each soul walks his/her path in the way that is perfectly appropriate for he/she, and I can only be discerning for myself, of that which I partake of, and that which I do not.
“When Spirit Speaks…” was the answer I received from my inner guidance while observing and musing over the discord in the communities I visited concerning Channelings.


When Spirit Speaks: Utilizing Discernment when receiving Messages/Messengers

From the works of Elena Kalis

The Brilliance of Photographer Elena Kalis http://www.elenakalisphoto.com/#

When Spirit speaks..
There is a crystal clarity imparted
A message that rings True and Clear.

Spirit has no need nor desire to speak in riddles or codes
Cryptic messages are designed by man, not by Spirit.

A true messenger of Spirit, does not seek to confuse those they aid, by veiling information or weaving mystery, into that which they convey.

When we ask Spirit for clarity, for assistance on our journey,
we are always provided a “teacher” that we can clearly resonate with and understand. Continue Reading »


Forgiveness is an act of completion; it is the acknowledgement of a lesson learned.

The act of Forgiveness is Grace, a blessing, for through it you release yourself and an other(s) from further consequence in regard to the previously offending situation.

True Forgiveness, not forgiveness offered through words only, occurs when the previous situation of issue no longer holds an emotional charge.

It is from our emotional base that we act and/or react.

Being actionary is an Empowered State of Being whereas being reactionary is a dis-empowered state of being.

When a situation no longer incites you to react you have reached the point of Forgiveness.

Grace is Available for All whom Choose it; the Choosing is in the Offering.

Be Well!

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Situations that were seeded in the second half of March 2020 are now reaching a crisis point.

The drive for autonomy is becoming paramount.

Achieving autonomy requires courage for it can only be successfully attained through self-evaluation.

Seeking to obtain power from outside of oneself will only result in frustration and possible violent response. Continue Reading »

The Aquarius Full Moon occurs at 12:00PM EDT on August 3rd, 2020 @ 12º Aquarius/Leo.

Specifics of note: The lunation is just separating from a square to Uranus in Taurus; the void of the T-Square formed is in Scorpio. Saturn & Uranus are rulers of the Moon, Sun is in it’s own Sign. Rulers of Scorpio, Mars and Pluto, are applying square with involvement from Jupiter and Saturn. Much more going on but that is suitable to note for my jumping off point.

Personal Note: I was meditating upon this lunation and when the inspiration fully realized it came forth in a torrent on Twitter. I am posting the entirety of that stream here without edit so please note that it’s original formatting was “tweets”.  I am quite busy, as are we all, and I need to economize my time but wanted to address the full moon. Hoping the post is easily digestible. Be Well!

I was neither born into, nor raised within, an environment of stability or kindness. I had no positive authority figures, no leaders I could trust. To survive I had to acknowledge that those that were “charged” with my well-being had no intentions of fulfilling their duties.

To survive I had to see that my abusive authority figures never had any intention of fulfilling any of their promises to me. I learned that it was never really about who I was or wasn’t, what I did or didn’t do, what I said or didn’t say.

I learned that to continue to have expectations of individuals that are abusive to you is welcoming more abuse. Expecting such people to change is a waste of time. They may or they may not. When you’re life is in the balance I suggest not playing the odds on that one. Continue Reading »

gift-of-lifeParaphrasing Florence Scovel Shinn on the subject of loss:

We can only lose that which is not ours by Divine Right or that which is not good enough for us. 

Bless what and whom leaves your life knowing that you shall receive equal, or better, in return.

Thank you Florence! ♥

Be Well!

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I follow Marianne Williamson on twitter.

A stream of her thoughts today prompted this meditation:



The call to accountability, personal & collective, is unmistakable.

A testing of a willingness to sacrifice on the personal level for the wellness of the whole is also evident.

There is Grace for those whom choose it; the choosing is in the offering.

Be Well!

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key to success

Here’s a reminder to focus on amidst tremendous gas-lighting and deflection.

They only have the power that you GIVE to them.

Choose wisely.

Be Well!

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Thoughts on Power

It’s a myth that we need to “take back our power”.

The Truth is that we need to Cease Giving Our Power Away.

Be Well!

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