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On March 19th, 2011  our Virgo Full Moon occurs @ 28°48′ Virgo/Pisces at 2:11 pm EST proceeded by the Vernal Equinox on March 20th at 7:20 pm EST. The Virgo Full Moon brings to culmination that which began during the previous Pisces New Moon.

This post delineates the Full Moon and will be followed upon my Equinox interpretation (hopefully before the event)!

A service-related axis, Virgo-Pisces represents the balance of preforming practical, everyday services and routines while maintaining one’s ethos in relation to the service of a Higher vision, law and/or common good, and vice versa. Within this axis we seek to ground higher ideals into practical forms while being cognizant that our practical forms embody and promote a Higher Vision.

Virgo-Pisces is also representative of our relationship to healing. Healing within Pisces is attained through forms of surrender, compassionate expressions and the recognition of the greater connectivity of all life with these attributes being best fostered via practices that promote objectivity and a philosophy that stretches beyond the confines of the material world. Within Pisces we nurture that which is beyond the limitations of the physical world. Within Virgo healing is attained via the practice of daily routines that strengthen and promote the well-being of the physical body and mind and these regimens are generally approached in a more subjective manner and developed through analytic applications. Virgo sustains by developing forms and techniques through recognition and respect of the limitations of physicality. (more…)


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The New Moon @ 15°41′ Virgo occurs on September 8th, 2010 at 6:31 am EST/10:31 am UT.

After the recent months of scattered activity, courtesy of the Summer’s Cardinal Crosses and Squares, we have had many of our basic routines rocked and may have become lax in relation daily health care regimens, keeping up daily communications with others and attending to other basic everyday chores such as housekeeping. Schedules were altered and now it is time to put the breaks on and reassess where our attention now needs to be placed to bring back some stability to our everyday lives.  The Virgo New Moon comes just in the knick of time to help us clean up our acts and get back on the horse in area’s that are crucial to our physical well-being.

This New Moon is highly focused with no major aspects forming. Mercury, the ruler of this lunation, is in residence in Virgo though retrograde and implies we will be looking back over the past months and scanning for anything may have went willy-nilly in relation to Virgo initiatives as we were scrambling to keep up with all of the energies of this past summer. (more…)

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Mars finally enters Virgo on June 7th, 2010, after many long months of holding company with Leo, and Virgo personal placements get a new shot of vitality which will be a blessed relief for those with planets within the Sign of the Virgin!

Those with natal Mars in Virgo shall have their Mars return. For most this spells a shift in ambitions into different area’s of life than where you have had your focus these past 2 years. Your Mars is being renewed and this brings a boost in energy levels!

Mars in Virgo Souls, be prepared for a very active 2 year period coming in for you! The current planetary formations are off-the-charts therefore Mars in Virgo return charts are absolutely slamming too with lot’s of energy to make headway in many area’s of your life if channeled properly. 😉


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The Sun has joined Mercury and Venus within Taurus, Saturn is once again visiting Virgo and Pluto and the North Node remain in Capricorn.

With this current strong emphasis in Earth, these next days are favorable for all things practical, and this should come as a great relief after many weeks of much emotional and mental activity being catalyzed by our Pisces-Aries transition.

Now is a fabulous time to put to order all that was neglected and/or strewn about during the past weeks of upheaval.

With Mercury currently in retrograde, ‘spring cleaning’ of anything and everything in need of attention is a wonderful way to still the mind and allow Mercury the free space to bring forth new insights concerning the past weeks events.

Physical activities are also favored and advisable, especially with Saturn’s return to Virgo, and now is a great time to step up your fitness program or to commit yourself to attending your physical fitness if need be.

Here’s to rolling up those sleeves and getting down to the practical endeavors that are quite necessary for total well-being! 🙂

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Saturn, the teacher, turns retrograde on January 13th @ 4°39 Libra.

This retrograde cycle of Saturn is not only taking place in Libra but will also carry back into Virgo, when Saturn re-enters the sign of Virgo on April 7th, bringing to a close our lessons of a Virgo nature when Saturn stations direct @ 27°50 Virgo on May 30th.

These situations/experiences that we first encountered while Saturn was direct will now be focused inward for reflection offering an opportunity for greater understanding to take place and allowing us to make any necessary adjustments to our Saturn area of influence and functions before Saturn once again travels direct and crystallizes our new Saturn related directives.


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Saturn is currently transiting Libra, bringing to center stage the issue of boundaries and balance, within relationships.

Some seem to be born with an understanding of what boundaries are, and utilize them with ease, throughout their lives.

Others, myself included, have had to work quite diligently to understand the meaning of boundaries and to utilize them in a manner that is non-projective.

Years past, I attended a Spiritual School of Healing for a time.

It was the philosophy of the founders of this school, that to become an effective conduit for healing for others, one must first heal, thyself.

When I entered this school, one of the issues that was constantly stressed to me during our self-work sessions, was BOUNDARIES.

Quite honestly, back then, I didn’t have any.

The word, meant nothing to me whatsoever, no matter how many times it was defined to me.

Yet others could see, even if I could not, that I was in desperate need of boundaries, and I am thankful for their daily enforcement of the necessity of developing boundaries for myself.

Many wise souls planted seeds with me back then, and while I did not have those seeds sprout until after my attendance period at this school, they did eventually come fully to flower, and I am so very thankful for those that cared enough about me, to badger me ceaselessly, on boundaries.

Setting boundaries really is about you, not, about any other.

I do not perceive boundaries as “walls or shields”, as I believe is quite a common perception in the collective.

If you truly have strong boundaries, and maintain them, there is never a need to deflect or prevent an energy of any nature from entering your space, nor is there a need to concern yourself with how another is utilizing their personal energy.

Boundaries are, a clean and concise definition, of your personal space.

They allow you to set within your energy patterns, what comes in, what goes out, and how you wish to utilize or bypass any energy incoming, regardless of if you should label it as “negative or positive, high or low”.

It simply does not matter,  for you yourself, through boundaries, determine the qualities of any energy within your space.

Keep your space tidy, and do not trespass the personal space of an other, and you shall master boundaries amazingly fast!

Following is an article I wrote a while ago, and I feel it is in context to developing and maintaining boundaries, and is an issue that tends to be overlooked, when doing depth work in the boundaries arena, for oneself.

If you are interested in developing better boundaries in your life, this article may be helpful to you, as there are many subjects that are not always easily identified as being directly connected to the area of boundaries, and I feel this is one of them.

If you have a lot of challenging aspects in your chart concerning relationships with others, or, if you are loaded up on Pisces, 12th house, or Neptune aspects, you too, should find this article of benefit. Service-oriented Virgo, this also could serve you.


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I recently had the pleasure of being the recipient of an ‘ask and you shall receive’ gift.

As I have mentioned in other posts I am currently in a cycle of activated Kundalini.

So to make short a long story, :) , I put it out through the ethers that I wished for someone, in a body ((silently thanking my disincarnate assistance for understanding)), to come forth that would be able to assist me during this transition in some way, someone that had something, I needed, to ease the discomfort that can come during a kundalini cycle.

The day following my etheric request for assistance, I found myself creating a Facebook account, which surprised me, for I had no interest in doing so, previous to that morning.

Within hours of my sign-on at Facebook, my request through the ethers was answered.

Steve Booke, a Musician and conduit for Healing, currently residing in NYC, friended me, and voila!, he offered exactly what I needed.

Steve’s musical compositions have brought me tremendous relief these past weeks, and have assisted the smooth flow of fire energy that, as of today, I am still experiencing.

In gratitude and thanks, for Steve’s generous assistance, I wished to share with my readers a bit on the dynamics of this talented Musician/Healer via his astrology signature, and to share his personal websites, for any that may wish to learn more of what Steve has to offer.


As an Aries rising, Steve receives benefit of his natural chart placements through the houses and signs, and his chart ruler is Mars (which is also co-ruler of Scorpio and the 8th house).

With his Moon and Neptune exactly conjunct, in his Scorpio 8th house, Steve easily plumbs the depths of Scorpio’s transformational intensity with a passion that brings forth an exotic flavor within many of his compositions. In his own words, Steve has coined the term, “Exotic Sexatonic” in description of the rich, sultry tones his music embodies.


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