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I recently had the pleasure of being the recipient of an ‘ask and you shall receive’ gift.

As I have mentioned in other posts I am currently in a cycle of activated Kundalini.

So to make short a long story, :) , I put it out through the ethers that I wished for someone, in a body ((silently thanking my disincarnate assistance for understanding)), to come forth that would be able to assist me during this transition in some way, someone that had something, I needed, to ease the discomfort that can come during a kundalini cycle.

The day following my etheric request for assistance, I found myself creating a Facebook account, which surprised me, for I had no interest in doing so, previous to that morning.

Within hours of my sign-on at Facebook, my request through the ethers was answered.

Steve Booke, a Musician and conduit for Healing, currently residing in NYC, friended me, and voila!, he offered exactly what I needed.

Steve’s musical compositions have brought me tremendous relief these past weeks, and have assisted the smooth flow of fire energy that, as of today, I am still experiencing.

In gratitude and thanks, for Steve’s generous assistance, I wished to share with my readers a bit on the dynamics of this talented Musician/Healer via his astrology signature, and to share his personal websites, for any that may wish to learn more of what Steve has to offer.


As an Aries rising, Steve receives benefit of his natural chart placements through the houses and signs, and his chart ruler is Mars (which is also co-ruler of Scorpio and the 8th house).

With his Moon and Neptune exactly conjunct, in his Scorpio 8th house, Steve easily plumbs the depths of Scorpio’s transformational intensity with a passion that brings forth an exotic flavor within many of his compositions. In his own words, Steve has coined the term, “Exotic Sexatonic” in description of the rich, sultry tones his music embodies.



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Transiting Pluto is creeping his way to my Descendant and is currently conjunct my Juno.

My life is quite odd right now, no other way to put it for I don’t even completely understand it, after all, it is the first time in this life, at least, that I have been here.

Pluto transit Juno/Descendant is feeling like one, huge contradiction.

So thought I’d place here the separate interpretations for this transit, then bundle it all up, and see what I can see, in it.


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