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Pluto turns retrograde @ 7°30′ Capricorn on April 9th, 2011 and remains retrograde until September 16th, 2011 when direct station occurs at 4°53′ Capricorn.

Transformational Pluto seeks to empower individual and societal entities through the eradication of that which is non-beneficial and incongruous to the future well-being of said entity. Pluto assists us in reinventing portions of our lives that we were previously unable, or unwilling, to adapt on our own so that we might move forward on our path unencumbered by previous obstacles or outworn patterns/programs.

Governmental structures and large business institutions are beholden to Capricorn and while Pluto transits this sign these area’s are being continually, if seemingly at times slowly, purified to the core. As of the current time that I am penning this post, we in the U.S. are just a few short hours away from finding out if the “threat”(as termed by some mainstream media venues) of a Governmental Shutdown of “non-essential departments and programs” becomes a reality.

If this shutdown occurs it will be just hours before Pluto officially turns retrograde. Regardless if the shutdown takes place or no, the next weeks that Pluto remains on this retrograde degree will likely churn up previously “hidden” information related to this situation. As Uranus and Pluto tighten their square in the forthcoming weeks agitation in the U.S.  over this situation will likely be strongly present within public sentiment and may be the impetus for much larger changes occurring in 2012 and onward when the Uranus-Pluto squares come exact. Of course since September of 2010 while Pluto has been traveling direct numerous significant global events have occurred that relate directly to the transformation of Capricorn structures and those events too shall be revisited at another level if Pluto deems it necessary. (more…)


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The Sun is preparing to join the current T-square of Saturn, Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter and on June 15th until June 30th we will be experiencing our next Grand Cross of the 2010 season.

Mercury is moving quickly now and will join the Grand Cross a few days after it forms. During the Grand Cross formation, the Sun and Mercury will have their Superior Conjunction, an important aspect in relation to the previous Mercury retrograde period.

This 2 week period also contains other significant events with the Summer Solstice arriving on June 21st and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on June 26th.

These coming weeks are sizzling with energy and many will be feeling pressured to make adjustments and new choices in many different life area’s. Late mutable and early cardinal placements are feeling this most intensely; as has been true for some time now.

This post is a closer examination of the Grand Cross itself and notes important dates of this period as well as when the Moon will jazz it up even more. The Solstice, upcoming Capricorn Eclipse and Superior conjunction of the Sun and Mercury will be further expanded upon in later posts over the next week.


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Pluto turned retrograde @ 5°25′ Capricorn on April 7th and remains retrograde until September 13th, 2010 when direct station occurs at 2°47′ Capricorn.

Pluto first covered these same degrees in forward motion between September 12th, 2009 and April 7th, 2010. There has been much occurring since last September in the arena’s governed by Capricorn(see below) and now we will be evaluating that which had transpired from a different angle during this retrograde phase.


Pluto is commonly referred to as the planet of Transformation, Death-Rebirth and Power.

The highest function of Pluto is to empower individuals and societies through bringing to an end that which has become non-productive and toxic, within and without an individual and/or societal structure, purifying the said entity on the deepest level and allowing for new forms to be seeded and birthed free of previous non-beneficial influences.


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I currently am experiencing my natal Chiron squared by Pluto and I have to say that I absolutely love this transit!

I know that may sound a bit warped if you are not a fan of Pluto and/or if you have previously read other interpretations of this transit and zoomed in on the rage aspect that has been mentioned in some interpretations.

Yet while I do readily admit that I am having occasional moments of rage arising, I am also finding a liberation beginning to occur that I have been unsuccessful in achieving in certain relationship situations, even though I have previously applied every ounce of my knowledge and will-power to the task of resolution.

I am finding that Chiron-Pluto is akin to a post-battle trauma surgeon.

This is the Doctor that steps in when you find that while you have cleaned and dressed your wounds the best you were able to at the time of the ‘battle’, and with the tools you then had available to use, there were wounds from much earlier battles that scarred over before coming to healing due to their being acquired before you later attained a certain level of wisdom and ability to effectively prevent your being wounded on levels so deep as to require this Doctors assistance.

These scarred over wounds are quite elusive, and often are forced back into the realms of the subconscious when they are triggered, for we have become incredibly frustrated after sincere repeated attempts at achieving a healing resolution that never comes to fruition.

Then comes a point that we meet up with Doctor Chiron Pluto and I liken the scenario to this:


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The 1st International Astrology Day Blog Carnival

    Welcome the Aries Ingress

The Cardinal T-Square:

Personal Challenges – Practical Solutions

    A 3-Day World Wide Web Blog-a-Thon
    March 19-21, 2010
    Keys to Effectively Handling the Cardinal T-Square Challenges

Find out how you and your loved ones may be affected by the T-Square!


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Early in life we are subjected to an abundance of messages within our environment that color our perceptions of our world.

Messages can take many forms and are not just shared through verbal communication, such as messages received and recorded, during our visual observance of the actions of others within our lives.

These messages we were subjected to during our formative years directly influence the manner in which we behave and interact with the world for the duration of our adulthood.

Some messages from our childhood serve us well in our later years, while others act as blockages, preventing us from reaching our full potential.

For individuals that were subjected to a high ratio of negative messages in their formative years and early adulthood it can be a long and difficult road to achieving personal well-being and success.


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With Saturn square Pluto remaining an influence in our lives through most of this year, we continue to receive stressful energies from this match up that can leave not only our emotional and mental bodies stressed but also our physical body.

When one body of the human system is compromised so are the others to some degree as all three bodies are interrelated.

When we are subjected to longer term frictional transits (those of a square for instance), chronic stressing of the physical body gone unchecked can later lead to dis-ease, sometimes many months or even years after the transit has concluded.

By looking to the physical governorship of the signs and planets within a particular transit we are able to define what area’s of our physical health we should be placing our attention on and practicing preventative care during a frictional transit.

In this post, while I am directly addressing the current square of Saturn in Libra to Pluto in Capricorn, these tips still shall remain of benefit for the entire duration that Saturn and Pluto remain in these signs.

These tips are of special importance for those with natal late mutable/early cardinal placements (as the Saturn/Pluto square places the most focus in these degrees) and also for those with placements in other signs that are/will be receiving a square or oppositional aspect to your natal placement from either Saturn or Pluto during their Libra and Capricorn transits.

Taurus and Leo Ascendants: This is of particular importance to you also as your 6th houses of health are governed by Libra and Capricorn respectively.


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