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On March 19th, 2011  our Virgo Full Moon occurs @ 28°48′ Virgo/Pisces at 2:11 pm EST proceeded by the Vernal Equinox on March 20th at 7:20 pm EST. The Virgo Full Moon brings to culmination that which began during the previous Pisces New Moon.

This post delineates the Full Moon and will be followed upon my Equinox interpretation (hopefully before the event)!

A service-related axis, Virgo-Pisces represents the balance of preforming practical, everyday services and routines while maintaining one’s ethos in relation to the service of a Higher vision, law and/or common good, and vice versa. Within this axis we seek to ground higher ideals into practical forms while being cognizant that our practical forms embody and promote a Higher Vision.

Virgo-Pisces is also representative of our relationship to healing. Healing within Pisces is attained through forms of surrender, compassionate expressions and the recognition of the greater connectivity of all life with these attributes being best fostered via practices that promote objectivity and a philosophy that stretches beyond the confines of the material world. Within Pisces we nurture that which is beyond the limitations of the physical world. Within Virgo healing is attained via the practice of daily routines that strengthen and promote the well-being of the physical body and mind and these regimens are generally approached in a more subjective manner and developed through analytic applications. Virgo sustains by developing forms and techniques through recognition and respect of the limitations of physicality. (more…)


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The Full Moon @ 29°27 Cancer/Capricorn occurs on January 19th, 2011 at 4:22 pm EST.

A note of interest is that we find the Moon degree of this Full Moon to be the exact-to the-minute degree (29 CAN 27) of the Total Solar Eclipse of July 21st-22nd,  2009. The duration of effect of the July 2009 Solar Eclipse extends through 2012 so it is likely that events stimulated by the July ’09 event will find resonance within this current Full Moon.

This current Cancer lunation is the 4th in a series of 5 consecutive Full Moons that occur on the last degree of their respective signs. A degree of transition, the 29th degree represents the end of the matter in relation to the concerns of said sign and when we arrive at this point it is a time of culminating the wisdom and beneficial works from said sign while eliminating anything that is non-beneficial and cannot be carried forward into the next sign for further development. There are often last minute efforts to bring to culmination matters of said sign and leaps of faith are on occasion taken when one feels a situation is just under the closing bell.

Due to it’s transitional nature this last degree can also be a space of oscillation for when a planet resides in this degree there is a revolving door effect. Gravitating between spaces and feeling as if one is neither able to go back nor forward this oscillation dynamic can be quite stressful if one attempts to find a solution or take an action based upon either/or perceptions. To bridge this transitional space as seamlessly as is possible elimination of either/or thinking, and often the  Surrender to a “Higher Power/Wisdom”,  becomes necessary. (more…)

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The Full Moon in Aries on October 22nd @ 9:36 pm EDT, October 23rd @ 1:36 am UT at 29°33 Aries/Libra is the second of two Full Moons to occur consecutively within Aries and therefore is a Blue Moon provided one allows for (and I do!) an alternative qualification of a Blue Moon as being two like lunations occurring within the same zodiac sign consecutively in addition to the widely accepted definition of two like lunations occurring within a single calendar month.

This Full Moon @ 30° Aries begins a series of 5 consecutive Full Moons that occur on the last degree of their respective signs. Seen as a degree of transition, the 29th degree represents the end of the matter in relation to the concerns of said sign. When we arrive at this point it is a time of culminating the wisdom and beneficial works from said sign while eliminating anything that is non-beneficial and cannot be carried forward into the next sign for further development. There are often last minute efforts to “complete” something and occasional leaps of faith when one feels a situation is just under the closing bell. (more…)

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Gregory Frank Harris "A Bountiful Harvest"

The Autumn Equinox occurs on September 22nd, 2010 @ 11:09pm EDT and on September 23rd @ 3:09am UT when the Sun ingresses Libra.

The next 90 days shall be influenced by the energy tones set upon the Equinox and during this time we shall be fleshing out and further developing our creations that were seeded during the Spring Equinox 6 months prior while also weeding out that which has not come to viable form post Summer Solstice.

Normally, when the Sun enters Libra annually our desire for social interaction is increased and we find ourselves pivoting away from our solo endeavors in favor of the pleasures of shared experiences. It is a time for relaxing and enjoying with others the fruits born of our labors of the previous months. Notice I said “normally”. The Autumn Equinox chart this year is a highly focused chart with the Sun applying to a conjunction with Saturn in Libra, applying to a square with Pluto in Capricorn and in an applying opposition to the Pisces Moon. In addition, we find all planets working in conjunction pairs and this too shall lend intensive direction to this Autumn period. While we do have most planets(except for Mercury) tenanting the natural 7th-12th houses of social and trans-personal interaction, with the fore mentioned aspects, there is a gravity implied that will find our interactions to be more of a serious nature and purpose driven while also being emotionally fueled.

The  Saturn-Uranus opposition series that began in 2008 has come to conclusion and the Cardinal Squares of this past summer are now separating yet we find we are still navigating our way through the fall-out and sifting through the many pieces of our lives that were impacted by these forces that initiated us to deep and long lasting changes.  While these past months may have appeared to be a stalemate in many ways(especially if you had natal placements being influenced by these heavy-duty transits) we were nonetheless seeding and fostering the growth of new creations even as some parts of our lives continued to disintegrate around us. So much shifting was continuously occurring that most days were chaotic at best and others were just downright excruciating. Yet through this all we continued to place precious energy into our new endeavors and have held onto the hopes that at the end of this stormy period we would find within the debris that something(s) we had sowed last Spring had indeed taken root and became a viable life-form. (more…)

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The Pisces Full Moon occurs on August 24th, 2010 at 1°26′ Pisces-Virgo @ 1:04 pm EST, 5:04 pm UT.

With the Pisces Full Moon we are offered the opportunity to surrender that which ails us by allowing our ailments and hurts to be washed away and dissolved within the depths of the Piscean oceans.

Within the specifics for this event we find Mercury within his home sign and retrograde in Virgo as the ruler of the Sun while Neptune, the ruler of the Moon degree, is also closely conjunct the Moon and Chiron. Though Mercury does not aspect this lunation we should not overlook this particular for it may very well signify that the healing and purification we are seeking cannot be found through our attempting to use analytic approaches in identifying our ailment.

The Sun, in opposition to the Moon, Neptune and Chiron seeks to bring us to an awareness that we do have an ailment of some sort yet that has been causing us pain in some form and though it may appear to be only related to the emotional, mental, physical or spiritual body that is merely an illusion for a wound in any one body reflects through all bodies. Too, from this perspective of inter-relatedness we can view the Chiron-Neptune conjunction as being symbolic of how the wounds of one are the wounds of the collective. Maybe we find within this connection the reason our ailment eludes us is due to our being unable to correlate a personal event to pain that we are carrying. The best healing remedy may now be in the realization and acceptance that the solution is beyond our ordinary means of comprehension and that we must now surrender our ills to a Higher Power with full faith and trust that the remedy that shall be applied will be exactly what is needed and shall come forth from avenues that may require us to allow that which is greater than ourselves to steer us through this passage. (more…)

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The Full Moon occurs on July 25th, 2010 @ 3° Aquarius-Leo at 9:37 pm EST and on the 26th at 1:37 am UT.

This lunation not only shares beneficial aspects with the Cardinal T-square yet also forms a Mystic Rectangle so should prove to be productive in many area’s of our lives. Add to this the Sun’s role as the final dispositor of all planets in this lunation and we have the conditions present to utilize our luminosity to harmonize previously discordant area’s.

A quick review of the Aquarius/Leo axis shows Leo to be concerned with creative self-expression and the transcending of lower ego desires to demonstrate our personal expertise in some area while exhibiting confidence, strength and the generosity of good-will while Aquarius is where we bring to the collective the fruits of our personal expressions in a form that is uniquely innovative and future oriented to further the well-being of the Whole.


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The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs on June 26th, 2010 @ 4°46′ Capricorn/Cancer at 7:30 am EST, 11:30 am UT.

While this is a partial lunar eclipse this will be a significant event due to the powerful formations of the heavens at this time.

Eclipses began their shift to the Cancer-Capricorn axis during July of 2009 and this is our 3rd and last Lunar Eclipse occurring on this axis. The next 3 eclipses that complete the Cancer-Capricorn Eclipse cycle are all Solar Eclipses.

My view of eclipses is that they function as course correctors. Where eclipses occur in our chart is where that which is no longer productive for our growth and viability may come to an abrupt conclusion or be suddenly altered to allow for a new course to occur. Though eclipses often do usher in extremes of experience there is no need to fear them if you embrace that what is leaving your life or being altered in some form was not in your best interest any longer and/or has simply run it’s course.

I share my viewpoint for many seem to fear eclipses and I feel it is due to an underlying fear of separation from those that they love, or forms of being they feel attached to, no matter if those relationships or attachments have become detrimental for the person(s) involved.

In regards to relationships: while they can appear within the experience of physicality to have a “beginning and an end” we are truly never separate from those whom we love, for while our relationships change and take many different forms during our experience upon this plane, “beginnings and endings” do not truly exist in the absolutist manner in which we sometimes tend to perceive them for “Every Thing IS Interrelated, Always,  and in All Ways”.

My mentioning of this is not to imply that everyone will have an event occur due to this or any other eclipse that will bring about the “separation” from someone(s) close to them for that is highly dependent upon individual situations.  I shared my perspective to encourage those that may fear eclipses to try a new viewpoint that may bring a new understanding of the eclipse dynamics and their nature therefore allowing them more ease with any developments that may occur for them personally. Eclipses are not evil after all, they simply serve the function of bringing about necessary adjustments that we were unable or unwilling to preform for ourselves for any myriad of reasons.


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