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Happy Valentine Day!

Venus is oh-so-delighted in the Sign of the Fishes so..

Single or Paired..or More!;

Enjoy the Love~ K


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I lie within fields now barren

Crimson flowers gone to seed

Earth caressed by Winters lips

Upon which my cheek doth rest

I lie within fields now barren

New life lulled in womb

Divine the song emergent

Await Springs commencing breath

I lie within fields now barren

Remembrance of which has been

In honor of this sacred cycle

Till genesis springs forth afresh.

~kachina ’09

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Just a note:

I placed a new addition in Neptune Expressed.

If you care to read it:

Within Fields Barren

Blessings All! kachina

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This has been out on youtube for a few months now, if you have not yet seen it, it is worth the few minutes to do so!

I needed a bit of a feel-good tonight, and this was one of my choices.


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With Saturn now transiting Libra, and squaring off with transiting Pluto in Capricorn, many are now beginning to understand where we, as  individuals, family units,  communities and nations must begin to restructure what we have done before and how we have done it into a realistic model that allows us to move ahead through the next years of changing times. (more…)

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