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© 3/11/2011 by Kachina Houska @ in2themystics.com

On March 11th, 2011 Uranus reentered Aries, reawakening the potentials first glimpsed when Uranus briefly occupied the Aries Point (1°) during June, July and the first half of August 2010. Until March of 2019, Aries and Uranus will be working hand-in-hand to revolutionize our lives through awakening within the individual their personal capacity for ingenuity and creative uniqueness. During this period we will be encouraged to develop these qualities into forms that allow for a greater self-sufficiency hence providing us with a greater sense of our Individual Self and imbuing a healthy measure of self-empowerment within those that navigate this period responsibly.

With Uranus’s reentry into Aries we begin our approach to the square meets of revolutionary Uranus and evolutionary Pluto. Following is the timetable for the exact squares of Uranus in Aries to Pluto in Capricorn:

2012: Last week of June (9°) and last week of August (8°)

2013: 3rd week of May (12°) and 1st week of November (10°)

2014: Last week of April (14°) and 3rd week of December (13°)

2015: 3rd week of March (16°)

Though the first exact square of Uranus and Pluto is not due until June 2012, these two titans of reformation will be within a 2 degree orb by the upcoming Summer Solstice, remaining in tight orb throughout the summer months and into September. This summer will be the second season that both Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn participate in our Cardinal T-square and Crosses of 2011 which will be in full swing as the  inner planets transit early Cancer and Libra. The series of 2011 Squares/Crosses begin in mid-June with Mercury’s ingress of Cancer and culminate with Mercury’s ingress of Libra the last week of September. ***Note that Mars will participate in the 2011 configurations when he transits Cancer in early August yet shall not transit Libra until later in 2012. (more…)


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Uranus has reentered Pisces in retrograde motion and will continue retracing Piscean ground in reverse motion until direct station occurs on December 5th, 2010 @ 26°40′ Pisces. Between now and the beginning of December we will be reevaluating that which we first experienced this past spring from late March through late May.

As of direct motion on December 5th we will be ready to integrate and finalize anything yet needing to be attended over the winter months. Come March 11th of 2011, we will be graduating from our Pisces-Uranus cycle, which will not be reoccurring for most of us in this lifetime for the next cycle will not occur for another 84 years.

With this reentry of Pisces by Uranus we once again have mutual reception occurring between Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius. The mutual reception of these two planets over the past 7 years has catalyzed awakenings for many that has brought about necessary completions to many area’s of life to allow for a new direction and way of Being to occur. (more…)

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Uranus turns retrograde on July 5th, 2010 @ 0°35′ Aries.

Retrograde Uranus will remain at Aries Point until August 14th then backtrack into Pisces where direct station occurs on December 5th @ 26°40′ Pisces. On March 11th, 2011 Uranus reenters Aries and remains in the Sign of the Ram until 2019.

We are now at the end of our Uranus in Pisces experience and Uranus will not be revisiting Pisces for another 84 years.

Uranus first covered the degree’s of this retrograde phase in direct motion between March 19th and July 5th, 2010. This period was one of heightened activity due to Uranus being in the completion stages of a seven-year residency within Pisces and also due to the ongoing opposition with Saturn(which only occurs every 28+ years). Not to be overlooked has also been Uranus’s role in the continuing T-Squares and Grand Crosses of 2010.

These powerful configurations, in which Uranus has been a participant, have been changing our existence by catalyzing us to release outgrown forms and ways of Being while placing us within new forms and archetypes that are a better suited and more productive platform to preform effectively within the current climate of Humanities evolution.

Due to Uranus (and Jupiter!) straddling Pisces and Aries, this upcoming period will be a time of continuing major completions, even while new forms and ways continue to come forth.

The activity of the many past months has been one of seeming instability for we truly have been rocking between the extremes of old and new (saturn-uranus), responsibility and freedom(saturn-uranus) and endings and beginnings(pisces-aries) in both literal and archetypal forms.

While much has been wrapped up in our individual lives in relation to Uranus/Pisces and their relevance within our personal charts we will have one last sweep of Pisces and possibly more completions to attend to from late August of this year until March of 2011 as Uranus finishes his Piscean journey.


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The Sun is preparing to join the current T-square of Saturn, Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter and on June 15th until June 30th we will be experiencing our next Grand Cross of the 2010 season.

Mercury is moving quickly now and will join the Grand Cross a few days after it forms. During the Grand Cross formation, the Sun and Mercury will have their Superior Conjunction, an important aspect in relation to the previous Mercury retrograde period.

This 2 week period also contains other significant events with the Summer Solstice arriving on June 21st and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on June 26th.

These coming weeks are sizzling with energy and many will be feeling pressured to make adjustments and new choices in many different life area’s. Late mutable and early cardinal placements are feeling this most intensely; as has been true for some time now.

This post is a closer examination of the Grand Cross itself and notes important dates of this period as well as when the Moon will jazz it up even more. The Solstice, upcoming Capricorn Eclipse and Superior conjunction of the Sun and Mercury will be further expanded upon in later posts over the next week.


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The 1st International Astrology Day Blog Carnival

    Welcome the Aries Ingress

The Cardinal T-Square:

Personal Challenges – Practical Solutions

    A 3-Day World Wide Web Blog-a-Thon
    March 19-21, 2010
    Keys to Effectively Handling the Cardinal T-Square Challenges

Find out how you and your loved ones may be affected by the T-Square!


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Today, is my eldest daughter’s birthday.

Today, she is 22.

Yet yesterday she was a defiant teen, and the day before that an awkward pre-teen, and the day before that, it was her first day of kindergarten.

The day previous to that day, she was the toddler with her arms wrapped around my neck, her tiny little face peeking through my hair, as she flirted with whomever was offering her, a much beloved cookie.

Not so many days ago, she was placed upon my breast, this newborn delight of mine, and she smiled up at me with a little pucker of a smile, and I felt a Love and Peace, that is the gift of Motherhood, of which we lack words of enough depth and richness, to even remotely describe this Heavenly Space.

Mother’s reading this, understand this and are in no need of words to describe what this is when holding company with one another, for we feel it and just understand it, this sacred space of a deep, eternal love that we enter into, within these rites of Motherhood.

Yes, I am deeply nostalgic today, and am savoring each and every drop, every single moment of memory, that returns to me this day.

You see, I feel we have these moments, and the whole of these moments, defines the Truth of our existence.

These moments, that define us, are the moments that reside in our Hearts, and are ever present, and ever alive.

I do not believe in living in the past, and yet, I do believe we occasionally need to take a moment, to scan around to be certain, that we have brought forward, all of the really precious wonders, that have brought us to Be, whom we are now.

The moments I carry in my Heart, those shared with both of my daughter’s, and the gift’s they have graced me with, in those shared experiences, are directly responsible for whom I have come to Be, today.


There are many things I intended to write about today.

Yet as soon as I awoke, the myriad of moments that I shared with my daughter, from the first that she entered this world, indeed from the moment I conceived her, continue to drift through my mind and senses.

This nostalgia is likely intensified today as I am currently in a period with heavy transits to my natal Moon (mother,women), with transiting Uranus and Saturn in square, and Pluto in opposition.

So, I thought maybe I’d try something a little different today, and I am going to review my personal chart for what I had transpiring the year I birthed this lovely child of mine.

If you are so inclined, feel free to share your personal experiences/astrology data in the comment section, I would enjoy sharing this “Sea of Nostalgia” with other parents that wish to savor their moments of wonder the year their children arrived.

So, here goes, a look at how this child entered my universe, via astrological influences. 🙂


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My inspiration is  always at it’s peak when I first awake.

Yes, I am one of those fully alert risers. cathy

The saving grace of those around me whom are not happy-go-lucky risers , is that my return through the Gates of Morpheus has gifted me with full volumes of material that I am rapidly processing in my mind, so I am unlikely to play Chatty-Cathy to them.

It is has always been difficult for me to explain to others how I come back from the sleep realms with the information that I do.

Here is a bit of an analogy as to what it is like: (more…)

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