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The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs on June 26th, 2010 @ 4°46′ Capricorn/Cancer at 7:30 am EST, 11:30 am UT.

While this is a partial lunar eclipse this will be a significant event due to the powerful formations of the heavens at this time.

Eclipses began their shift to the Cancer-Capricorn axis during July of 2009 and this is our 3rd and last Lunar Eclipse occurring on this axis. The next 3 eclipses that complete the Cancer-Capricorn Eclipse cycle are all Solar Eclipses.

My view of eclipses is that they function as course correctors. Where eclipses occur in our chart is where that which is no longer productive for our growth and viability may come to an abrupt conclusion or be suddenly altered to allow for a new course to occur. Though eclipses often do usher in extremes of experience there is no need to fear them if you embrace that what is leaving your life or being altered in some form was not in your best interest any longer and/or has simply run it’s course.

I share my viewpoint for many seem to fear eclipses and I feel it is due to an underlying fear of separation from those that they love, or forms of being they feel attached to, no matter if those relationships or attachments have become detrimental for the person(s) involved.

In regards to relationships: while they can appear within the experience of physicality to have a “beginning and an end” we are truly never separate from those whom we love, for while our relationships change and take many different forms during our experience upon this plane, “beginnings and endings” do not truly exist in the absolutist manner in which we sometimes tend to perceive them for “Every Thing IS Interrelated, Always,  and in All Ways”.

My mentioning of this is not to imply that everyone will have an event occur due to this or any other eclipse that will bring about the “separation” from someone(s) close to them for that is highly dependent upon individual situations.  I shared my perspective to encourage those that may fear eclipses to try a new viewpoint that may bring a new understanding of the eclipse dynamics and their nature therefore allowing them more ease with any developments that may occur for them personally. Eclipses are not evil after all, they simply serve the function of bringing about necessary adjustments that we were unable or unwilling to preform for ourselves for any myriad of reasons.



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The Sun’s ingress of Cancer, Summer Solstice, occurs on June 21st, 2010 @ 7:29 am EST, 11:29 am UT.

Since Jupiter and Uranus joined in Aries a few short weeks ago the energy has picked up substantially and the hours of the day feel much shorter. Have you felt it too??

Yet while the feeling of time speeding up and the rush-rush of everyday moments has been apparent, at the end of the day it has been difficult to quantify where all of our energy has been utilized, for there hasn’t been a lot manifesting externally to show for all of our busy-busy-business!

Thank goodness Solstice is upon us for with the Summer Solstice we begin to bring form, to bring to substance, that which we sowed at the Spring Equinox.

The Solstice chart this year is one seriously ROCKING chart! 🙂

This chart has the amazing potential to not only continue break up old patterns yet also to firmly anchor and bring very tangible substance to that which we have been diligently working towards these past months (and much longer in some area’s)! The real trick here is going to be in nurturing those manifestations; feeding, watering and pruning these new life forms so that they do not wilt and die-off as quickly as they were born.


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The Sun is preparing to join the current T-square of Saturn, Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter and on June 15th until June 30th we will be experiencing our next Grand Cross of the 2010 season.

Mercury is moving quickly now and will join the Grand Cross a few days after it forms. During the Grand Cross formation, the Sun and Mercury will have their Superior Conjunction, an important aspect in relation to the previous Mercury retrograde period.

This 2 week period also contains other significant events with the Summer Solstice arriving on June 21st and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on June 26th.

These coming weeks are sizzling with energy and many will be feeling pressured to make adjustments and new choices in many different life area’s. Late mutable and early cardinal placements are feeling this most intensely; as has been true for some time now.

This post is a closer examination of the Grand Cross itself and notes important dates of this period as well as when the Moon will jazz it up even more. The Solstice, upcoming Capricorn Eclipse and Superior conjunction of the Sun and Mercury will be further expanded upon in later posts over the next week.


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