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Happy New Year!


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A week before Christmas I wrote a bit of a tongue-in-cheek, true-moon story involving my daughters, nieces, and their grandmother.

If you missed it, you can find it here: Grandmother Gifts Snuggies in Attempt to Thwart Out-of-Wedlock Boot Knockin’

Yesterday my niece posted a pic from Christmas Eve  when the ladies-in-waiting were gifted their Snuggies from Grandma, and I figured since it was now out there on Facebook and Myspace it was open game for me picking it off and putting here. ((winks))

So here are four of the five ladies-in-waiting modeling their assortment of high-fashion Snuggies, on Christmas Eve, for Grandma.

If you know any of these young ladies, please don’t tell them you saw this here! ((shhhhh!)

Something else to add here:

Guess what this Momma was gifted for Christmas from Ali?

Absolutely..my very own Snuggie! 😉

I am now the proud owner of the Pepto-Pink style, and it rests faithfully on the sofa back, and I must admit, that not only does it keep you WARM..there is also enough for more than one in it..two most definitely, three or more if ya’ll are muppets.

The other bonus that may just allow those of us 40+ to still attract some “lovin-while-a-wearin” is the little fact that there are NO closures..none.

A whole lot like a big fuzzy hospital style gown.

Hmmm..a little imagination goes along way in that one, doesn’t it??

Have a Blessed day All!

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Jupiter, the planet of expansion and optimism, shall be entering Pisces on January 17th 2010.

On June 6th until September 8th Jupiter will briefly travel into Aries, then retrograde back into Pisces and remain in the Sign of the Fishes until January 22nd 2011.

It takes approximately 12 years for Jupiter to travel the whole of the Zodiac, so your house with Pisces located on the cusp is where you can expect to have Jupiter’s longer term attention the coming year.

A brief look at the energies represented by Jupiter and Pisces:

Jupiter: Jupiter is the representation of wisdom. Where Jupiter is transiting in your chart, is where you are afforded the opportunity for higher learning.

Some keywords for Jupiter are: abundance, expansion, luck, obesity, optimism, philosophy, publishing and religion.

Pisces: Pisces is a mutable water sign and the last sign of the Zodiac. Modern astrology attributes Neptune as the ruler of Pisces, yet until the discovery of Neptune, rulership was assigned to Jupiter.

Some keywords for Pisces are: artistic, creative, compassionate, imaginative, impressionable, psychic, sensitive and spiritual.

By identifying the house in which Jupiter will transit this next year, you can focus on the area of your life that your are being afforded the opportunity to expand in some manner with enthusiasm and good fortune on your side!

I offer one caution though, especially while Jupiter is transiting the ‘dreamy’ sign of Pisces, there is wisdom in the advice of “everything in moderation!” 🙂

Don’t get lost in too much of a good thing.

Yet if you are attentive to other area’s in your life needing focus, by all means you should thoroughly soak in the pleasures and advantages Jupiter is gifting unto you now.

Jupiter transiting the 12 Houses:


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Please do not Judge Me for Living My Truth

It’s mine and I own it whatever it’s Proof

Please do not Fear for Me for my Soul is Safe

Should you see Darkness within Me

Fear not, for it is in the right Place

My Lessons are Many, my fears may be great

Yet it is Mine to Reveal, and Restore without Hate

If ever you view me standing at Hell’s Darkest Gate

Please let it be known, the Light in my Heart, Shall be my guide Home.

When I struggle with Darkness, Fear and ill Faith

Your Love, plain and simple, shall help me find Grace

So Pray, judge not my fears, with your Anger nor Pain

Instead speed me Light, with Joy, in great Haste!

I ask simply this please…

Do not Judge me for Living my Truth

I AM what I AM and with All of my Might

I AM Purely and Simply

A Being of Light.


***A very dear friend of mine penned the above some time ago and I felt it was perfectly befitting my little tale today. Thank you Janya, for allowing me to share your words of wisdom!

The past few days I have been in the space of a deep clearing of wounds that I had no idea I was carrying until recently.

That is not unusual at all though, especially after you have been on the healing path for a good amount of time, for we clear the ‘knowns’ first, the wounds that are on the surface that can still be seen in some manner, and then we go deeper than.

Deeper Than…I first began to hear those words 2 years ago. Deeper Than.

And I replied, “Yeah, sure, why not? I’m game!”.

That must have been my overly enthusiastic Uranus at work there. ((sardonic smile))

Seriously though, I have no regrets, not in the long run.

I do have my hard days though, just like everyone else, and on those days I can tend to be quite sarcastic, it is my way of keeping myself moving forward and my head above water during the really tough stuff.

As I’ve said a million and one times, and others have too..a sense of humor is mandatory when on the path of Healing.


Before I go into sharing my experiences and my forthcoming understandings of said experiences (that precipitated the title of this post), I’ll share the lowdown on my current astrological transits:

Transit Saturn (responsibility/the past) is on my 3rd/4th house cusp. (local community, brothers&sisters/inner self and more of the past). 🙂

Tr. Saturn is squaring Tr. Pluto whom is now within 3 degree’s of my descendant, so likely now affecting not only my 6th house (service to others, personal health) yet also my 7th house (committed relationships).

Squares are frictional and we all currently have the transit of Saturn sq. Pluto somewhere in our charts, I just happen to have mine as I detailed above.

I also have the coming Full-Moon Lunar Eclipse on New Years Eve conjunct my Ascendant (self)/ Descendant (other), squaring my natal Jupiter/Mercury (higher/expanded understanding) conjunction in Libra (relationships/balance/justice) and this all is forming a loose Grand Cross with my Chiron (healing/wounds) at the top of my chart(sharing my understanding of this wound to heal thyself) .

On the day that this area of self-clearing began for me, transiting Moon triggered the Saturn/Pluto square by forming an inconjunct and trine respectively, when the Moon aspected conjunct my natal Saturn in the 11th house (friendships/groups/hopes).

I’m not sure who I wrote that for, my readers or myself..likely more for myself. (I hope you benefit, but I am determined to do what I have to do here to heal thyself.) ((admitting with no shame))

Though it just made my tummy flip upside down again for the upteenth time this week.

So I am steeping in relationships right now, and issues of responsibility to others, and the need to regenerate in some manner, how I have perceived and/or done, all of this before.

Following is my tale, of uncovering wounds of perceived failure, and the messages I have received, concerning our responsibility to others. I confess the tale is somewhat long, for I could find no way to shorten it and still get my point across..so you may wish to take out the dog and get another cup of joe before you proceed..you brave, brave Soul. 🙂


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Forgiveness comes forth through Compassion.

Compassion is born of Understanding.

To truly forgive one’s self, or an other, one must have an understanding of how one has been served by an experience in which forgiveness is now sought.

Forgiveness is not an act of granting approval to one’s self or an other for an action that was harmful in some manner.

Forgiveness is an act of Completion.

Forgiveness is the act of releasing oneself from a lesson, now achieved.

Forgiveness is the acknowledgment of one’s smaller being to Source, that one has come to an understanding of the lesson of a challenging experience and has now reaped the knowledge of the experience that was of value in bringing growth to one’s Greater Being.

Forgiveness is also the releasing of that which was not of value to the Greater Being, from within the experience.

Those on the Journey to Wholeness via the path of Self-Healing, often become frustrated when an experience they feel they have found closure upon through forgiveness, arises once again for them, sometimes years later.

Often current life experiences that precipitate a need of coming to the state of forgiveness are manifestations of a much deeper root situation.

If you find a situation in your life reopened that you felt you had closed and achieved forgiveness within, by acknowledging this as an opportunity for deeper healing, you allow your Greater Self to lead you to Higher Understandings bringing forth Compassion from which the Highest Expression of Forgiveness springs.


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Mercury turns retrograde today @ 22° Capricorn and over the next 3 weeks shall retrace his steps back to 5° Cap.

When a planet is in retrograde motion, the energies of that planet, are internalized affording us an opportunity to come to a deeper understanding of experiences related to the function of that planet during it’s recent forward traveling of an area in our charts and lives.

If you know your natal chart, you can look to the house, or houses(this retrograde can effect 2 houses dependent upon your placements), to fine-tune the are of your life that you are being afforded an opportunity to reconsider recent Mercury ruled affairs.

Need a copy of your natal chart? Generate one for free at:  Astro.com

So what does Mercury govern?

Mercury represents the mind and the functions of the intellect.

Mercury is all about communication, how you express yourself to others, and how you perceive the expressions of others, to you.

Authors and teachers fall under the jurisdiction of Mercury.

Interestingly, one noted effect of a Mercury retrograde period is the malfunction of electronics.

As Mercury rules the nervous system, hands and fingers, I view a connection to the energy of Mercury turning inward super-firing our nervous systems causing our personal energy to back-up on us which then release in unexpected bursts when the energy goes into overload, through our hands when we touch things.

Remember to ground out your energy before picking up the phone or starting your computer, and you’ll minimalize your headaches related to electronics gone wonky.

During the 3 weeks of retrograde, take the time to reexamine your Mercury rewind area, and have patience if everything in that area in your life feels like it is out-of-whack.

Everything will right itself in due time, and shall be better aligned for your purposes, then before the retrograde began.

Mercury rules Virgo and Gemini, so if your Sun, Moon or Ascendant is within these signs, you are likely to feel a greater impact.

Both my Sun and Moon are Mercury ruled, and yes, I am feeling it. ((winks))

I feel quite fortunate just to be able to write a little something for this post today and have it make a modicum of sense! I may just be doing posts in pictures the next few weeks, for I have learned to allow retrogrades to ‘do their thing’ and not to force by them, for truly it doesn’t work out all that well anyway.

Share where Mercury is retrograding in your chart and how are you fairing?

Blessings All! kachina

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Queen Molly was thrilled to awaken this morning, and find that indeed, Ho-Ho did visit her, proving once and for all that even naughty babies are not forsaken by Mr. Claus.

It is a good day is the Land of the Queen. 🙂

Blessings All!


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