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The New Moon Solar Eclipse @ 28′ Aquarius occurs on February 15, 2018.

Nodal axis to New Moon orb is rather wide so I wouldn’t expect the Eclipse itself to be of strong effect; yet with close orbs present in other configurations I believe this will be a significant Moon.

Sun/Moon are tightly conjunct Mercury, and Juno, and this Eclipse is South Node oriented. Uranus (Eclipse co-ruler) is partile sextile Mercury and Saturn (Eclipse co-ruler) is partile sextile Venus. With Mars in a forming square to Venus and the Sun/Moon/Merc/Juno formation recently separated from a Jupiter square there are a lot of players showing up for this Moon.

Key to delineating this Moon is the partile sextiles of Uranus/Mercury and Saturn/Venus. Breakthrough idea’s and communications in regard to Aquarian areas (groups/common interests/originality) will foster opportunity for long-term, stable relationships with people/situations/things that are beneficial and highly desirable provided the sanctity of the relation is observed. (more…)


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Today marks Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and in most societies this week is embraced as a holy week and is celebrated in a myriad of forms, dependent upon one’s personal beliefs, or those of which belong to the society into which one was born.

I personally, have never felt a personal attachment to any holiday of note, of any culture.

It is not that I am adverse to holidays celebrations, and in fact when I was raising my daughters, I quite joyfully participated in any celebration that was of importance to them.

You see, until recent years, I have had a walk that necessitated developing a great deal of optimism to roll with the challenges.

I suppose I learned a very long time ago, somewhere within childhood, to accept change as a constant and to celebrate each little event that felt good.

I have learned to embrace challenges out of the realization, that at least for some (myself included), challenges are a way of life and no matter how much effort you put into avoiding them or attempting to wish them away, you find time and time again, the only way up is through.

Yet too, I have learned that when one stops denying the existence of their personal challenges, and faces them head on with determination and courage, those same challenges eventually become one’s greatest achievements.

When you enter this world with an abundance of challenges, I feel many of us learn quite quickly that to sustain ourselves, we must celebrate daily, anything and everything that is Good and nurturing unto our Souls.

When faced with challenges, many are sent into reeling into ‘survival mode’, out of a fear of change.

Yet change is inevitable, and is ever occuring, regardless if one is able to recognise it at it’s most microcosmic levels.

The nature of change always brings challenges and challenges always catalyze change.

When you truly come to understand the dynamics of these cycles, and recognize that to evolve, we must embrace the cycle’s of change and challenge fearlessly, knowing, that this is the way we grow and become more, you suddenly find that you are living a life in constant celebration and awe, of this entire process experienced within our human journey’s.

Suddenly you do not wish to wait, for affirmed ‘special dates’, to celebrate and be joyful, loving and thankful.

Each and every moment, even the challenging one’s, are filled with a delicious prized center.


We are now, as a global society, in the midst of a cycle of accelerated change and challenge.

There are innumerable filters through which to perceive that which is now upon us, and everywhere you turn now there are many that are trying to explain this period and what it is all about, through their personal filters.

I feel for the most this is a good thing for we all resonate in different ways.

For each that is seeking understanding through their personal filter, there is someone that is offering knowledge, through the same filter.

I personally, feel I know what I need to know for myself, and on occasion for others if I am to be of service to them in some form.

I feel no need to really know, the “ONE and ONLY TRUTH”.

In all honesty I feel that is a fool’s game to seek to know this “ONE TRUTH” in exclusion of all else you could be experiencing and benefiting of now, as there are many, many truths upon this plane, and much that is labeled as truth is merely a personal truth subjective to the one experiencing it.

Sure, I have my personal Truths, and I am in constant awareness that others have theirs also.

I feel the best we can likely do, is to live our days the best we can by standing within our truths, and by being tolerant of the truth of others, by acknowledging that not a one of us, consciously is in awareness of  the Whole of It.

If and when, I should be enlightened to the One Truth, well, I am sure I will be beyond blessed and thankful, yet as of now, that has not occurred for me.

So I take each step, each moment, each day of these changing and challenging times..and I walk it through, with the most grace that I am capable of.

I keep my eyes on what is straight ahead of me and apply myself to what I can do NOW, and do not allow myself to be concerned with what the next moment, may or may not bring, and I trust with all of myself, that All is Well, when I stay on this course of action.

And I celebrate, each and every day..I celebrate as I dance, as I sing, as I share laughter with another.

I celebrate by listening, truly listening, when another has something their heart and soul wishes to share.

I celebrate the smiles gifted to me by ‘strangers’ at the grocery and the company of the birds that visit me as I take in a few moments of the winter air on my deck.

These things I celebrate, and all that is good, and allow none of it to slip by without being savored and noted.

These things, nourish and sustain the Soul.

These things, we bank, and draw upon to keep us whole, as we navigate the challenges that catalyze change.


My catalyst for sharing this today came of my need the past few days, to acknowledge this holiday season in some manner on my site, and to extend my wishes of a joyful holiday to my readers.

Yet I just could not find a manner of doing so, that I felt really embodied what I wanted to offer as greetings and blessings, to the many different personal preferences and paths  represented by those that partake in my offerings here.

So this is what came forth above, and I simply wish to conclude with this:

My heart and best wishes are with all on your celebratory days.

I hope that you find peace and joy, in your every moment, even those of challenge.

And may you find the courage and strength to walk your path with the utmost grace possible, for yourself and all others, through this Blessed Season of Change.

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With Saturn now transiting Libra, and squaring off with transiting Pluto in Capricorn, many are now beginning to understand where we, as  individuals, family units,  communities and nations must begin to restructure what we have done before and how we have done it into a realistic model that allows us to move ahead through the next years of changing times. (more…)

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