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Saturn (boundaries) is now transiting Libra, the sign of relationship, balance and justice, and boundaries in relationship have become the hot topic of the season.

Boundaries and relationship go hand-in-hand and you just can’t have one without the other.

As Saturn transiting Libra is a collective influence, unless you plan to become a Hermit, this is an area everyone has to come to terms with these next 2+ years.

As I have stated previously in other articles I do not see boundaries as ever being about the other person.

Boundaries are always personal and solely about you.

When lacking healthy boundaries we are often inclined to acting out the victim archetype and playing the ‘blame game’ for we feel that everything that occurs in their life is the result of an others actions.

There is no happiness, joy, nor self-fulfillment within the state of victim-hood and it is not a pleasant place to be .

Victim-hood is the residence of stress, anxiety and anger.

Victim-hood harbors guilt, shame and self-disappointment within it’s walls.

Yet if you find yourself residing within victim-hood, you can make the choice to step out of those walls, and it really is much easier than you may believe.

I am a firm believer that, “No One or Thing can cause us harm nor control us in any manner unless we allow it to be so”.

This, is where boundaries come in.

When assisting clients in the area of boundary development I often offer a visualization that makes it quite easy to immediately start building boundaries in your life and enforcing them with others, even if you have previously struggled with understanding or utilizing boundaries and are currently feeling dis-empowered your relationships.



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One can only Be the Recipient of Love Gifted by Another, when One has Learned to Be Receiving of Love, as the Gift it Is. ~kachina

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With Saturn now transiting Libra, and squaring off with transiting Pluto in Capricorn, many are now beginning to understand where we, as  individuals, family units,  communities and nations must begin to restructure what we have done before and how we have done it into a realistic model that allows us to move ahead through the next years of changing times. (more…)

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