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Saturn returns to Virgo in retrograde motion on April 7th and turns direct while within Virgo on May 30th @ 27°50′.

Saturn’s stay in Virgo comes to a close on July 21st, 2010 when Saturn returns to Libra hence signaling completion of another cycle of Saturn within Virgo for another 28+ years.

Saturn, as the teacher, brings forth lessons that assist us in restructuring area of our life functions that are in need of updating to better reflect whom we are today and to support our growing into a future expression that is in harmony with our path.

Saturn’s transit of Virgo these past years has offered insight into where we have been falling short in our Virgo sector(health, daily routines, pets) and has encouraged us to improve the function of anything we found to be of dysfunction.

We are now entering the last review for these Saturn/Virgo concerns, and if there is anything we failed to complete that Saturn had slated for us, these next weeks will bring these area’s into focus once again.

To review information concerning Saturn’s return to Virgo you may wish to revisit this article: Saturn Retrograde: Culmination in Virgo



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On April 7th Saturn in retrograde motion will reenter Virgo for approx. 3 months bringing to a close our lessons of a Virgo nature.

This weekend, 3/27 – 3/28/10, the Moon transits Virgo and is offering intuitive clues to area’s where we may be called to task when Saturn reenters this sign.

Virgo is concerned with health and hygiene, daily regimens and communication.

Over the weekend the Virgo Moon will trine Pluto and then oppose Jupiter and Uranus.

This translates to the intuition(moon) offering clues of a practical nature(virgo) as to what we still may need to transform (pluto), in relation to our Virgo initiatives, with sudden idea’s (uranus) coming forth to assist in our rapid expansion and growth(jupiter) in any areas we apply ourselves to when Saturn returns to Virgo.

Pay attention to what you are receiving this weekend, specifically making note of anything concerning Virgo functions, and you’ll be better prepared for anything which may come your way shortly as Saturn returns to Virgo.

Blessings! Kachina

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Saturn, the teacher, turns retrograde on January 13th @ 4°39 Libra.

This retrograde cycle of Saturn is not only taking place in Libra but will also carry back into Virgo, when Saturn re-enters the sign of Virgo on April 7th, bringing to a close our lessons of a Virgo nature when Saturn stations direct @ 27°50 Virgo on May 30th.

These situations/experiences that we first encountered while Saturn was direct will now be focused inward for reflection offering an opportunity for greater understanding to take place and allowing us to make any necessary adjustments to our Saturn area of influence and functions before Saturn once again travels direct and crystallizes our new Saturn related directives.


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