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There is a new addition to the Healing and Energy Working section:

Renouncement of Vows

With Saturn (responsibility) now transiting Libra (relationships,balance) there are many people now consciously working to improve their relationships and this technique can assist in that area.

If you carry any wounds (shame, guilt, regret etc.) related to the past involvements with an individual, group or ideal, you should also find benefit with this technique.

Best Wishes All! Kachina


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For one moment, could you entertain that Fear, is not an emotion, but an entity separate unto Yourself?

If you envision Fear, standing by your side, as a separate Form, would you choose to allow Fear to stay for dinner, or would you show Fear the door?

If you showed Fear the door, who could you Be today?

What dreams, have you hesitated acting upon, that could now be your Reality?

Do you Choose, to continue to entertain a houseguest, that shows no respect unto you and does not serve you, or do you show him the Door?

It is your Choice.

What would you loose , but Fear, Itself?

May You be Courageous and Blessed this day, and all days~kachina

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