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Hearts know no divisions and miles do not exist between Souls.

A few years ago I was befriended by an incredibly interesting man whom was likely seen as an eccentric to many for he had a great love of all things mysterious.

Ron was born in the beginning of the 1940’s, and had seen much and done much,  definitely not one to sit back and let life pass him by.

“Free Speak”, was his name upon the internet in many forums and arena’s, and this choice suited him perfectly for it represented the journalist that he was and his firm belief of transparency in all things.

In his later years, he served as a mentor to many young gifted mystic’s helping them to make sense of the perceptions they had that are not often popular within the mass public.

He was available ceaselessly for those that had a need of him, so much so that I often felt he served others too much and should take more time for himself, yet that was not his way and he thrived in service to others.

Ron viewed many social atrocities in his life, yet I truly believe that although he saw the far less-then-perfect aspects, he hoped that by providing others with what he saw in this world without the illusions spun by mainstream press, we had a shot at making this reality a much a better place for all of it’s inhabitants.

His, was a purpose filled life, and I believe he knew that to be so.

FreeSpeak, you were loved by many, I am going to miss you dear man! You made me laugh on days I really needed to smile, and the compliments you paid me shall always be within my heart, you boosted my self-confidence when I really needed it.

I saw a most beautifully bright shooting star last eve..that would be your way of saying “hi”, would it not? 🙂

God speed, I hope you now get to see that which you could not while standing on this orb we call Earth.

I love you.


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Please do not Judge Me for Living My Truth

It’s mine and I own it whatever it’s Proof

Please do not Fear for Me for my Soul is Safe

Should you see Darkness within Me

Fear not, for it is in the right Place

My Lessons are Many, my fears may be great

Yet it is Mine to Reveal, and Restore without Hate

If ever you view me standing at Hell’s Darkest Gate

Please let it be known, the Light in my Heart, Shall be my guide Home.

When I struggle with Darkness, Fear and ill Faith

Your Love, plain and simple, shall help me find Grace

So Pray, judge not my fears, with your Anger nor Pain

Instead speed me Light, with Joy, in great Haste!

I ask simply this please…

Do not Judge me for Living my Truth

I AM what I AM and with All of my Might

I AM Purely and Simply

A Being of Light.


***A very dear friend of mine penned the above some time ago and I felt it was perfectly befitting my little tale today. Thank you Janya, for allowing me to share your words of wisdom!

The past few days I have been in the space of a deep clearing of wounds that I had no idea I was carrying until recently.

That is not unusual at all though, especially after you have been on the healing path for a good amount of time, for we clear the ‘knowns’ first, the wounds that are on the surface that can still be seen in some manner, and then we go deeper than.

Deeper Than…I first began to hear those words 2 years ago. Deeper Than.

And I replied, “Yeah, sure, why not? I’m game!”.

That must have been my overly enthusiastic Uranus at work there. ((sardonic smile))

Seriously though, I have no regrets, not in the long run.

I do have my hard days though, just like everyone else, and on those days I can tend to be quite sarcastic, it is my way of keeping myself moving forward and my head above water during the really tough stuff.

As I’ve said a million and one times, and others have too..a sense of humor is mandatory when on the path of Healing.


Before I go into sharing my experiences and my forthcoming understandings of said experiences (that precipitated the title of this post), I’ll share the lowdown on my current astrological transits:

Transit Saturn (responsibility/the past) is on my 3rd/4th house cusp. (local community, brothers&sisters/inner self and more of the past). 🙂

Tr. Saturn is squaring Tr. Pluto whom is now within 3 degree’s of my descendant, so likely now affecting not only my 6th house (service to others, personal health) yet also my 7th house (committed relationships).

Squares are frictional and we all currently have the transit of Saturn sq. Pluto somewhere in our charts, I just happen to have mine as I detailed above.

I also have the coming Full-Moon Lunar Eclipse on New Years Eve conjunct my Ascendant (self)/ Descendant (other), squaring my natal Jupiter/Mercury (higher/expanded understanding) conjunction in Libra (relationships/balance/justice) and this all is forming a loose Grand Cross with my Chiron (healing/wounds) at the top of my chart(sharing my understanding of this wound to heal thyself) .

On the day that this area of self-clearing began for me, transiting Moon triggered the Saturn/Pluto square by forming an inconjunct and trine respectively, when the Moon aspected conjunct my natal Saturn in the 11th house (friendships/groups/hopes).

I’m not sure who I wrote that for, my readers or myself..likely more for myself. (I hope you benefit, but I am determined to do what I have to do here to heal thyself.) ((admitting with no shame))

Though it just made my tummy flip upside down again for the upteenth time this week.

So I am steeping in relationships right now, and issues of responsibility to others, and the need to regenerate in some manner, how I have perceived and/or done, all of this before.

Following is my tale, of uncovering wounds of perceived failure, and the messages I have received, concerning our responsibility to others. I confess the tale is somewhat long, for I could find no way to shorten it and still get my point across..so you may wish to take out the dog and get another cup of joe before you proceed..you brave, brave Soul. 🙂


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Ms. A's boyfriend, "Z"

Ms. A was riffling through myspace photo albums this morning, and it dawned on me that today, IS Halloween. These things tend to fly by me now that my girls are no longer little ones.

I look forward to enjoying the Halloween festivities again someday with little ones, possibly grandchildren of my own, just not quite yet. >>>smirking<<<

So here is my Halloween celebration this year, a bit of fun photo’s from my daughters personal albums from recent past Halloween’s, and of course, after their parties tonight, we shall update.


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