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Yesterday, I shared about my daughter’s Libra Sun being transited conjunct by Saturn, so she is also having Pluto square to her Sun at this time.

For myself, my natal Moon and Cancer Ascendant is being squared by Saturn and opposed by Pluto.

My natal Uranus is conjunct tr. Saturn and square tr. Pluto.

Everything feels to be of great meaning now.

Each day brings a new revelation.

Yet with each new insight, there is less and less certainty as to what the final outcome will be.

There are big changes right around the bend for myself, for both of my daughters, for all of us on this planet…

My daughter made a recent posting to her tumblr page that I feel captured this energy of change quite well and I thought I’d share it here, unedited.

My Moon’s heart is deeply touched by my daughter today and I feel proud of her, yet I am also a bit nostalgic and blue….

I suppose I should also mention, that transiting Jupiter is now upon my daughters IC, and almost upon my MC.

Blessings to All!

Feel free to share your personal thoughts/stories. Kachina


Excuse my terrible grammar

~APB 2/1/10

Day after day, I find myself standing in a chaotic mix of people rushing around a crowded train station. Everyone is always in a hurry to progress to their next destination, always so sure of where they are headed. To my right is a train heading to a place very familiar and comforting; a home if you will. A home full of memories and security. This place is however quite dull and filled with great loneliness. I look to my left and discover a chance to be taken somewhere new, to a place so beautiful and full of excitement and happiness. This place, as tempting as it may seem, is full of insecurity and risks to be taken.

Day in and day out, I stand before my two paths of choice. Never making any final desicions and being perfectly content sitting in stagnation. Suddenly, I begin thinking about time and how much of it I may or may not have left. I become anxious, panicking at the thought of having to decide. I know that I can not take any longer to make this choice. My mind is racing, and I know what I have to do. I inhale deeply, and enter the train on the left.


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Saturn has only recently begun his transit of Libra, the sign of relationships, balance and justice, yet already it is quite apparent that some are being impacted quite intensely by Saturn making a conjunction to their natal Uranus, Neptune or Pluto taking residence in early Libra.

If you have the natal placement of any of these outer planets in early Libra, and Saturn is now conjunct your planet, or is applying to the conjunction, it would be beneficial to be aware that relationships are front and center for you, and this is your opportunity to redefine your relationships and update your ways of Being, within relationship.

Due to the movement of the outer planets being slower than our personal planets, they remain in each sign significantly longer, and are a generational influence. Because of this, large swaths of people are affected by transits to these planets all at the same time, and if the transit is by a slower moving planet such as Saturn, the duration of influence of the transit is of a longer term.

Those currently having transit Saturn conjunct one of their outer planets, are those born within the approx. dates listed below, along with which planet is being influenced:

Uranus in early Libra: October 1968-September 1970

Neptune in early Libra: October 1942-September 1946

Pluto in early Libra: November 1971-September 1975

Those born within these years are now having Saturn conjunct, or applying to the conjunction, of the outer planet listed with the corresponding dates.

If you were born slightly after any of these above dates, this Saturn transit will soon be upon one of your outer planets, so this information, also applies if you wish to preview how the impact of this transit of  Saturn through Libra may effect you.

First let’s take a closer look at the players in this event, to get an idea of what this transit of Saturn to the outer planets, is asking of us.



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