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We have just had a whole stream of shifting energies this past week as Mercury has now stationed direct, Saturn has turned retrograde and we have had our much anticipated Capricorn Solar Eclipse occur.

Tomorrow sees Jupiter’s ingress into Pisces, and for the better part of the next two weeks, we have the square between Saturn and Pluto applying exact.

So how are you doing?

I have been feeling a mixed bag the past 2 days, lot’s of upper back/chest soreness and high-heart/thymus chakra related clearings. Yesterday all of the energy releasing physically made for a true Tum’s-as-candy kind of day. 😉

All of that physical clearing is well worth it though, for the lightest energies are all around, and it feels as if we can finally breathe again without feeling as if a boa constrictor has taken the place of our bra’s. {{if you are female anyway..laughing}}

I have also had the most delightful cool breezes of Spirit presence lingering and I love the closeness of presence and support coming in.

While no one visiting has much to say at the moment, there is a tangible happiness to their energies, and an “All is Quite Well” tone.

I have a few things to catch up on this weekend, so am not sure as to when I will be posting new material, yet if you have missed the posts on Jupiter entering Pisces and Saturn turning retrograde, you can catch up on them here> Saturn Retrograde January 13th and Jupiter enters Pisces January 17th

Also, lot’s of energies are being released and are moving about right now due to all of these shifts, so if you find yourself particularly sensitive to these energies moving within the collective, you may wish to consider these articles if you have not already read them: Simple Technique for Flowing External Energies and Simple Technique for Releasing and Transmuting Energies

A lovely weekend to All, share your experiences if you wish. 🙂


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Personal Note: I felt a need to take a closer look at Natal Venus square Saturn recently, as my Natal square is now highly activated, and will remain so for many months, due to Mars transiting Leo.

Maybe this will be of value to others whom also have this aspect.

Venus square Saturn in the Natal Chart is a challenging aspect to carry.

Yet our ‘hard’ aspects are where we receive our lessons, our opportunities, to learn a new way of action and being.

I have heard this aspect, Venus square Saturn, referred to as the “When will I ever be Loved?” aspect.

I have referred to it in my life as, “When will I ever FEEL loved”.

I  view this aspect, for myself, as having strong connections to the Martyr archetype, and feel it is a call to Self-Love.

Also, I see Venus sq. Saturn, as one of a few aspects, that can give you the ‘damned if I do, damned if I don’t’ attitude.

For myself, this aspect has symbolized a need for receiving unconditional love, or feeling that one is unconditionally loved.

I believe this can only be achieved through truly holding unconditional love for one’s self first, by recognizing one’s own divinity(god spark).

The catalyst for this to take place within one’s self, is a feeling within yourself, that no matter what you do, or do not do, it is never enough for others for them to extend “approval”, hence signifying the gifting of unconditional love by another.

Until this aspect is harmonized within, it is common to seek approval/love from others in manners that deprive one’s self of free expression of your true nature.

Many with this aspect are quite capable of giving unconditional love to others and to put others first, yet cannot be receiving, for they have yet to “Love thyself”, and give self-recognition to their status as an equal within the Whole of Creation.

Definition of a SQUARE: A square is when two planets are located 90° apart in the Zodiac, and the general orb allowed is within 6+/- degrees, unless the Sun and/or Moon is one of the planets forming the square, then generally an orb of 10° is allotted.

Squares are conflict. Where you have a square, you have the representation of two planets who’s individual needs clash within a person. The challenge is to harmonize the two planets(energies) within oneself.

By harmonizing the function of both planets forming the square within oneself, the energy of the square is released, then allowing for one’s external life/world to reflect the inner harmony.


I have explained the basics of this aspect. I’ll now share my personal relationship with Venus square Saturn.


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