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We’re now in the heart of many influences that are steering us onto new paths at what seems to be the speed of Light.

While most that visit and share here are no stranger to the many twists and turns occurring I compiled a small list of links to previous posts for those that have come to visit of more recent and may have missed the first posting. Possibly you shall find something of value as we continue to hone in on and/or further define our ways and Our Way.

Feel free to share upon any post. 🙂


For Those Navigating Challenging Circumstances: Insights and Tips for Your Consideration

Simple Technique For Releasing and Transmuting Energy

Sensitive to Energies? Simple Technique for Flowing External Energies

Space Clearing Quick Tip> Energy Gunk?? SWEEP it Away! 🙂

Favor BE-ing PRO, not Anti: Taking Responsibility for the Utilization of Your Energy

Thoughts for Meditation> Relationships, Fear, Forgiveness etc.


Humor is golden in times as these. This video is one of my fav’s and I’ve shared it in a lot of places and spaces yet he comes to mind each time I reflect on the Mars-Saturn conjunction now happening too.

Hope he brings you a smile~With Love and Blessings, Kachina

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On April 7th Saturn in retrograde motion will reenter Virgo for approx. 3 months bringing to a close our lessons of a Virgo nature.

This weekend, 3/27 – 3/28/10, the Moon transits Virgo and is offering intuitive clues to area’s where we may be called to task when Saturn reenters this sign.

Virgo is concerned with health and hygiene, daily regimens and communication.

Over the weekend the Virgo Moon will trine Pluto and then oppose Jupiter and Uranus.

This translates to the intuition(moon) offering clues of a practical nature(virgo) as to what we still may need to transform (pluto), in relation to our Virgo initiatives, with sudden idea’s (uranus) coming forth to assist in our rapid expansion and growth(jupiter) in any areas we apply ourselves to when Saturn returns to Virgo.

Pay attention to what you are receiving this weekend, specifically making note of anything concerning Virgo functions, and you’ll be better prepared for anything which may come your way shortly as Saturn returns to Virgo.

Blessings! Kachina

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When in the midst of deep, collective energy clearings the energy of our sanctuaries can become quite gunked up and lack that all-so-fresh feeling.

There are many ways to approach space clearing, yet one that I recommend often to others is quite simple and requires no supplies whatsoever.

The secret, as with anything, is in decisive intent.

If your space is gunked up, try this:

Open a window or door.

Put on some music that brings you a lighter, happier feeling.

Envision the discordance that you feel around you as being solid, metallic shards floating within your space.

Dance your way through the rooms of your home and with your arms ‘sweep’ all of that debris towards and out the open window/door.

When you are finished clearing your home, spin any debris that has caught on you, right out of the windows/doors too.

Close the windows/doors and intend that your home now be filled with fresh energy (I like to bring in lemon yellow light and the scent of fresh lemons).

That’s all there is to it and it works quickly and efficiently.

Happy Cleaning! 🙂 ~Kachina Houska

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silhouette_woman_oceanIf you are a sensitive, you may have noticed the energies becoming increasingly intense these past years.

Maybe you are now beginning to feel energies. More and more people are.

A few close to me have begun to feel energies this past year, and it is so very exciting to share in their enthusiasm. At times though, they can feel overwhelmed as they have yet to learn how to manage and flow energies that are within their spaces.

Being empathic is an incredible gift. Empaths are capable of tremendous levels of compassion, and are often healers in many different service professions. Some empaths, while not easily identified due to their not being employed in health related fields, are none the less serving humanity by their willingness to assist in the transmutation of global energies as they go about their daily living, without ever drawing any attention to themselves and their important role to humanity. (more…)

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