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Saturn is now transiting Libra, the sign of balance and relationship.  Straight out of the gate, Saturn got down to business and my daughters wasted no time in getting ‘into the ring’. wonder-girls

My youngest, Ms. A,  just recently became an adult. Oh, she is absolutely in her glory to be 18!

My eldest, Ms. K, is over the hill as far as her younger sister is concerned. Even though in December  she is just coming up on the ripe, old age, of 22.

Their mother, moi, is thoroughly ensconced in mid-life transits amongst the other larger term transits we all are weaving through. This past September I said hello to 40. Those of you that have ‘been there, done that’, you get it. Where I am. If you haven’t yet ‘been there, done that’..you’ll understand when you get your chance at bat.



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Scorpio is highlighted this month, with Mercury and the Sun already travelling through, and Venus soon to make it’s annual journey through Scorpio.

Ms.A, my youngest daughter of 18, is one of the Pluto in Scorpio generation(1984-1996, I plan to be writing insights into this generation that my daughters are part of, and they are quite an interesting group!).

Ms.A in addition to be being part of this Scorp generation, has her Pluto located upon her Scorpio ascendant. Deconstruction and reconstruction is in her nature.

This child of mine has been an adventure since before she drew her first breath. I have many stories to share concerning my experiences when I carried her in-utero..this child was ‘working’ it..from within the womb. 🙂


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