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All of our Emotions exist to Serve Us.

When you feel good, and are in a vibration such as Joy, Passion, Optimism and/or Contentment, it is a clear indicator that you are on course, in your path.

This is an experience, be it of a solitary nature or shared with an other, that you want to continue to embrace, for it shall serve you well.

When you feel poorly, and are in a vibration such as Frustration, Anger, Despair and/or Worry, it is a clear indicator that you are off course, in your path.

This is an experience, be it of a solitary nature or shared with an other, that in it’s current form, is not of your best interest and will not serve you well.

By embracing the emotional scale instead of denying it, you are availing yourself to a valuable navigational system that shall assist you in steering through these currents, that we term The Human Experience.

Master Your Emotions and enjoy smoother Sailing.

Allow Your Emotions to Master You and the waters shall be ever turbulent.

Listen to Your Emotions, allow them to share their Wisdom, then act upon the Wisdom they have shared, and chart your course accordingly.

Have courage and trust, in Yourself and your ability, to be the Fearless Master, of Your Ship.



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flowerboxHaving recently adjusted our clocks back to standard time and with the Saturn square Pluto now in full swing, this past week I have begun my ritual of early evening candle lighting and infusing my home with mood-enhancing scents to scatter the shadows and ward off low moods.

This has been a regular practice for me since first setting up my own household in my teens. As the nights grow longer and the temperatures dip rapidly at sunset, I find myself looking to nest by creating an atmosphere of warmth and contentment.

Our internal world and external world are more closely related then many realize. One directly affects the other.

This is especially true and of notice if you happen to have the Moon, located within a permeable sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), or taking up residence in a natural house ruled by a permeable sign (4th, 8th or 12th houses).

With Saturn square Pluto remaining in effect throughout the autumn and winter seasons, preparing yourself and environment with not only relaxation essentials, but also natural mood-boosters, is a worthwhile endeavor in my opinion.

Pamper thyself, is where it is at now. Do this first, and you will be better equiped to offer support and comfort, if necessary, to others in your life. (more…)

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