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Mars pivots into direct motion on March 11th and travels forward once again over the degree span of this retrograde, 0° – 19° Leo.

We are now given the opportunity to set into motion area’s in our life that were brought into focus by this retrograde and slowed to a snail’s pace or halted entirely after Mars entered retrograde motion on December 20th, 2009.

Mars first traversed the degrees of 0-19 Leo in forward motion last year from October 17th – December 20th.

Now after having another angle afforded to us during retrograde motion we are once again going to experience what first began/occurred during the forward phase last October-December.

By reviewing what began last October through December yet then stalled or slowed during the retrograde phase from December 2oth until now we are offered insight into that which is now on the table and either ready for forward development or due to be scrapped and let go of.

For more information on the specifics of this retrograde cycle and explanation of a full retrograde cycle and it’s dynamics: Mars Retrograde in Leo 2009-2010



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We are now one week shy of Mars going retrograde, and I have found myself putting my inspiration for any new projects/creations, into solid foundations at lightening speed this past week.

How about you? Have you suddenly felt the need to jump start any endeavors, laying the ground work, at a frantic pace?

If you have, you likely have been sensing the forthcoming Mars retrograde, and have been acting on your Astro impulses and are more in-tune then maybe you realized. 🙂


A brief overview of what Mars retrograde is all about and what you may experience during this roughly 10 week period, while Mars is in retrograde:


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