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I was at the local grocery store a few years past.

This was a point in my life, when I was married and the mother to two young daughters.

Life was busy. So busy, that if I actually got 5 hours of sleep total in a day, I considered myself lucky.

For the better part of my marriage, both my husband and I, worked to provide for the family.

It was usually he, whom clocked more hours at his place of business, than I at mine.

Yet the trade off was one that I, generally, carried the majority of children, family and household duties.

There were never enough hours in the day. stress-1

Lists made faithfully for daily responsibilities, were always certain to have at least 1/2 of the daily listed responsibilites, delegated to the next day.

Little time was allotted for relaxation and play and generally was considered reserved for an annual family vacation.

Yet even a family vacation brought responsibilities for myself.

We were on a budget, and this often necessitated staying in rental homes where we could save money by performing our own housekeeping, eliminating the need for dining at expensive restaurants and paying for laundry services.

While both my husband and I were receiving nice income’s at the time, I never considered ourselves well-off.

We were not poor either.

We, like most others, were “getting by”.

Did we actually need two incomes?

Yes and no.

We thought we did.

Now that I am older, I see where we could have made different choices, chosen to let go of this here or do that instead there.

Yet hindsight is often 20/20, as the quip goes, and with age comes a wisdom that often eludes us in the chaos of raising a family and doing Life.

We learn as we go.

Hopefully, we apply ourselves to our learning of life lessons, and do the best we can at any given point with what we have acquired in wisdom before then.

I reflect on those years now, and there are so many things I wish someone had pointed out to me then, that would have made it all a little easier.

Here now, I share a story on a lesson I received that made an enormous difference in my life.

This lesson, has become a tool for my daily living.

This tool affords one the opportunity to lighten up your baggage, and to free up energy for better usage on your life.

I have shared this with others through counsel, and many have seen remarkable improvement in their stress levels and quality of daily living by simply taking the time to consider this parable, and apply it accordingly to their individual circumstance. (more…)


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silhouette_woman_oceanIf you are a sensitive, you may have noticed the energies becoming increasingly intense these past years.

Maybe you are now beginning to feel energies. More and more people are.

A few close to me have begun to feel energies this past year, and it is so very exciting to share in their enthusiasm. At times though, they can feel overwhelmed as they have yet to learn how to manage and flow energies that are within their spaces.

Being empathic is an incredible gift. Empaths are capable of tremendous levels of compassion, and are often healers in many different service professions. Some empaths, while not easily identified due to their not being employed in health related fields, are none the less serving humanity by their willingness to assist in the transmutation of global energies as they go about their daily living, without ever drawing any attention to themselves and their important role to humanity. (more…)

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