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Ms. A's boyfriend, "Z"

Ms. A was riffling through myspace photo albums this morning, and it dawned on me that today, IS Halloween. These things tend to fly by me now that my girls are no longer little ones.

I look forward to enjoying the Halloween festivities again someday with little ones, possibly grandchildren of my own, just not quite yet. >>>smirking<<<

So here is my Halloween celebration this year, a bit of fun photo’s from my daughters personal albums from recent past Halloween’s, and of course, after their parties tonight, we shall update.



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Saturn at 29 Virgo is exactly squaring my 12th house Moon this past week.

In weeks previous to the exact square aspecting, “mother’ issues were front and center for me. Lucid dreams were a daily occurrence, all focused upon my relationship with my birth mother, yet also weaving through the archetypal mother. Mother was all I could see, feel, or ponder for many weeks. At some point, I shall expand upon those experiences.

I fully expected to be confronted with mother-related issues arising for observation and healing at this time. What I did not expect though, is the subject of my “Aha! moments” this past week. (more…)

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